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Jason Derulo on New Year’s Eve on TVP. We know how much he earned from his performance! The amount is knocking at your feet!

Jason Derulo on New Year's Eve on TVP.  We know how much he earned from his performance!  The amount is knocking at your feet!

Jason Derulo performed during New Year’s Eve in two segments on public television and performed several songs in which he sang, among others about sex, threesomes, c*balls and penis sucking. We know how much he earned from his performance! The normal electrode should work for 10 years.

Jason Derulo on New Year’s Eve of Dreams

The echoes of the American singer’s raucous performance continue, Jason Derulo, during New Years Eve in Dwójce. True, the 32-year-old has a lot of successes and is already famous. However, his performance stirred up a great deal of controversy For at least three reasons:

  • First, it was shown on public television and for our public money
  • Drug boo Jason Derulo He became famous in his songs for his sexual lyrics – he sings, among other things, about oral sex and “fat butts”, Which has nothing to do with the message of public television
  • Third, the New Year’s Eve of Dreams was held in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, when about 600 Poles die every day from Covid-19.

During Jason Derulo’s performance on TVP, his most famous song “Swall”, in which he sang about oral sex and sperm gloss, was missing, but it was still fat. TVP viewers can hear hits like:

  • “Talk Dirty” – sings about communication without knowing language, pussy, threesomes and “dick sucking”
  • “You want to want me” – oh seksie
  • “Brutal Love” – ​​about savage love
  • Love Not War – Talks about the fact that money can’t buy love
  • “I take you to dance” – about dancing in the bedroom, or about sex
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How much did Jason Derulo earn from TVP on New Years Eve?

Until now, it was only speculated how much an American could earn on New Year’s Eve in Poland, but now these amounts have crystallized!

Derulo’s performance was sponsored in part by Totalizator Sportowy – a state-owned company overseen by the Ministry of Finance. decided to find out how much the singer earned for his performance, This amount is amazing! It turns out that the amount of his concert ranges from 600,000 PLN to 1.2 million PLN!

The minimum price for his concert, according to the foreign events agency “Celebrity Talent International”, which deals with the organization of parties for the greatest stars in the world, reaches $ 150,000 (currently more than 600,000 zlotys), while the maximum can reach $ 300,000 (more than 1, 2 million PLN) for performance. The above agency mediates conversations with the stars, so the above salaries cover the entire organization of the event. And since Derulo will not give a full concert and will only sing a few of the best songs, the cost of the performance will be lower.

A person connected to the music industry revealed on that the musician has earned no less than 500,000 PLN for his performance!

Bringing Jason Derulo to Poland could cost New Year’s Eve producers at least half a million zlotys plus, of course, travel and hotel costs for all employees.

Taking into account the fact that the national average in Poland is 4,249 net PLN, it is easy to calculate that the average Pole will have to work for this amount for about 10 years!

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What is your opinion? Should Jason Derulo sing booze and lick penises for public money?

Jason Derulo on New Year’s Eve on TVP. We know how much he earned from his performance! The amount is knocking at your feet!

: Ródło: AKPA

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