September 22, 2021

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Jasur Jakszibojew bohaterem Sheriffa -

Jasur Jakszibojew bohaterem Sheriffa –

Did Jasur Jaksziboewo give us reasons to remember his stay in Ekstraklasa from something other than a strange name and surname? not necessarily. The boy played 11 minutes in the match between Legia Warszawa and Wisa Krakow and … That’s it. Later he was either treated or cured, or – for a change – injured. In the meantime, it turns out that it does not take much to awaken the latent potential of the Uzbeks. Sheriff did it in about 20 minutes.

The representative of Uzbekistan at the end of the summer was the hero of a crazy transition. This is how you should call the fact that he joined the team playing in the Champions League group stage straight from the doctors’ offices at Legia Warszawa. The Polish champions brought him in the winter, hoping that this time Gassur could show his full potential. And this was in him very little, because in Belarus the Uzbek was a prominent figure in his team. Anyway: we wrote ourselves a what if what, but boy can play soccer.

Who is Jasur Yaxboyo? silhouette of a football player ligia

But well, we’ve already summed up his Warsaw adventure. In the summer, Legia loaned him to Sheriff, where the player has already started. Behind the Moldovan champion, a confrontation with Petrokop, that is, the deputy captain of the 1st Moldovan League. Well, we know that Sheriff is an absolute league mogul and the position of the competitor doesn’t change much. But nevertheless – the champions suffered with their opponent and until the 70th minute of the match there was a negative draw. And then?

  • Yakshipuyev gave Frank Castaneda 1-0
  • Yakshipov took advantage of Sebastian Thiel’s pass and the score was 2: 0
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The Uzbek entered the stadium after the break and fulfilled his first dream. Sharif won the league match with a score of 2-0, winning in the eyes of the team and coach. So what, in a few moments a goal with Real and a show with Inter in the Champions League?

Photo: PhotoPyK