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Jennifer Lopez, newly baked wife, presents a thousand dollar wedding ring, walking in a tracksuit (photos)

Jennifer Lopez, newly baked wife, presents a thousand dollar wedding ring, walking in a tracksuit (photos)

On Sunday, the media stirred up news Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding. The lovers decided to marry during an intimate ceremony organized the day before in Las Vegas. Although they secretly said “yes” to each other from the media, they did not mean to hide the fact that they are husband and wife, and eventually exchanged the good news through The star app on JLO.

The theme of the celebrity couple’s wedding, who got back together last year after a 20-year hiatus, is still very much alive, and the media continues to come up with new side threads about their big day. We know, for example, that in an event Ben’s eldest daughter did not appear. 16 years Violet Apparently she didn’t want to hurt her mother, Jennifer Garner.

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No wonder the paparazzi are still on the move due to what was revealed last weekend JLo for each step. On Monday, they “caught her” in front of a recording studio in Los Angeles. My wife had freshly baked that day sports uniformWhich consisted of a tight and short black sweater, “snake” leggings and sneakers.

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In the United States, engagement rings are of more importance, and it’s a pity to talk. Men, if they could, would suggest a bell-wood covering. However, this is protection for the fiancée, as if the man would like

A thousand dollar ring, no eggs. For a thousand dollars, I have, I’m a regular gratin

Bayraktar fields on the finger in the form of an engagement ring. Somehow I miscalculated. 🙁

Who told you that wedding ring was $1000 lol!!

I have the same Nike model, uncomfortable anyway

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Poodle who is Lopez’s wife?

In my opinion, she wears a cheap piece of cloth so that no one can steal it

Gray virtue…

24 minutes ago

But a sensation. I’m plain gray, I don’t have Jennifer, and I have a $4,000 wedding ring set with a dozen or so diamonds. As for them, it’s still bad 😉

And so good that although he wanted me, unfortunately, without stylists’ make-up and a photo shop, nothing interesting, in any case, everyone ran away from her, like Górniak two narcissists

The wedding ring is worn on the left or right because it is worn on the left hand.

How did you find out the price of a wedding ring on these faded photos?

And where are those lush waves and curls in your wedding photo? Did you leave it in the bathroom?

white wife? It has more miles traveler than the Bundes Republic.

She was bald because of those attachments.

Where’s the lush hair from the commercials and music videos…the mouse ponytail.Instagram vs. reality.

Where did she lose her hair? Synthetic at every turn.

This wedding and relationship is artificial. I baked the former. She’s a hot woec, she can’t be alone, so she puts on the show like a sweat

The important symbol of a proposal, not the value of the ring.

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