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Jeremy Suchan will go to the NBA on Thursday. “Passed the exam.” Now it’s confirmed

Jeremy Suchan will go to the NBA on Thursday.  "Passed the exam."  Now it's confirmed

On Thursday, June 23, Jeremy Susan will be selected for the NBA draft. Yes, there is no doubt about it – one of the best basketball clubs Leagues The world will certainly reach the 19-year-old winger, whose length is 204 cm, who has the versatility, physical abilities and capabilities. The son of a Polish and American woman who grew up in Great Britain in recent weeks has offered his potential in private trainings in the Oklahoma City Thunder, Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Pelicans, as well as chatting with representatives of the San Antonio Spurs.

Each of these clubs has the option of choosing from among the top 12 numbers, and experts estimate Sushan’s chances in the top half of the first draft round. One of the most famous of them, John Hollinger of The Athletic, put the Polish actor in eighth place in the last ranking. The brief description of his game is: “It is possible that Sushan will not give up his role as an energy substitute, but the prospects for his development are so tempting that he deserves to be chosen with this number.”

His potential is more important than statistics

We also asked Sam Vecini – editorial fellow of Hollinger of The Athletic, one of the top drafting experts – for his opinion of Sushan. “I think Jeremy was a question mark when he was joining Baylor at the start of the season.” Mainly because his path was so complicated, the path led from England to La Lumiere High School in Indiana, and then to Germany. Every season he’s been playing elsewhere, and because of these changes, it’s hard to judge what to expect from him – says Vecenie.

But at the turn of the year, it was already clear that Sushan’s first NCAA season would be his last. “He’s been playing better and better month after month, and when Baylor Jonathan Chachwa was injured, Susan had the opportunity to show his incredible versatility,” Vicini says.

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Last season, Sushan played 30 matches – on average, he scored 9.2 points, received 6.4 rebounds and 1.8 assists. But more important than statistics was his ability and ability to play in several positions – in attack on both wings, as well as in the role of midfield and defense, practically everywhere on the field. Sochan’s advantage, which is emphasized at every step, is the ability to dominate competitors who play in each position.

The most important thing: Hitting the team that develops a throw

“We learned all about him this season, and when Jeremy signed up for enlistment, other coaches and scouts started keeping an eye on him. matches Vecenie says they were impressed with this variety. He emphasizes another important aspect in the past weeks: – Jeremy has gained a lot during conversations with club representatives, the ratings of his interviews are really good, he showed himself to be well-mannered, well aware of himself and the world around him, a young man suitably shaped by his previous experiences in various the countries.

– In building his position before the draft, these interviews were perhaps the most important, and perhaps more important than the drills and demonstrations of basketball skills. The NBA clubs want to know not only who the basketball player is, but also who their pick man is, how he will fit into the team, and the relationship in the locker room. Sochan definitely passed that test — adds Vecenie, who in recent weeks has been collecting opinions on NBA nominees from various coaches and club staff.

A global citizen jumps into the NBA. “The Polish national team is my place”

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But the question of where exactly the Polish actor will go, it is difficult even for him to answer. – I think from Sushan’s point of view, the most important thing is to join the team that will have the best field training specialist. Given the number of countries and clubs he’s already played in, I wouldn’t care if he’d find himself in a particular city, everyone says he’s very emotionally intelligent.

– Therefore, in my opinion, the presence of a group of coaches and specialists in throwing, which will help him to improve this element of the game, is extremely important. If this happens, its development may not be limited. It is very difficult to find players over two meters tall who can perform well in defense anywhere on the field, play well with the ball in their hands, read what is happening on the field and pass as Sushan does. The sports journalist says the long shot is really the only thing he needs to take to the next level.

“I spoke to the coaches who were really happy with his defence”

In the NCAA, Sushan made an average of 2.7 three-pointers per game, scoring 29.7 percent. who are they. This is not much, especially since the weight of the long-range shots in the current shot Basketball It increases in size and the three-point throw threat affects the opponent’s playing style. Knowing that a particular player can hit from a distance, defenders must approach him to a higher level, on the one hand providing space under the basket for other players, and on the other – allowing dynamic basketball players like Sushan to pass quickly from positioning the opponent’s nearby.

The Polish actor understands that he has to work on throwing the ball, but he also does not feel any special pressure in this matter, which he spoke about in May in an interview with A lot of people say that my throw is not the best, and that I need to improve it. I think I can throw effectively, and the people I train with know that too. But of course, I work hard to make this throw as stable as possible, so that every attempt is mechanically the same. I think I’ve made progress. I train, I watch these drills on video, and I also watch the mechanics of the other players. Improving the throw is a challenge for me, but not a problem.

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Basketball team of Silesia WroclawSilesia went to Mecca for Polish basketball. unique pictures [WIDEO]

What do you expect from Soshana in his first season in the NBA? – I think with the unique capabilities of playing defense, he will definitely get a chance to play, and in a very long time. I saw and then talked to coaches who were really happy with this element of Sochan’s game – it’s a player who in defense can be a very important figure in the whole system and can allow for different settings – explains Vecenie.

– The American journalist concluded that the exact number of minutes will depend on the coach’s creativity, the composition of the team in which he falls, and how well he improves in the throw before the start of the season.

The NBA draft will be held Thursday night Friday Polish time at Barclays Center in New York. To date, three poles have been selected in it – Maciej Lampe (number 30 in 2003), Szymon Szewczyk (also number 35 in 2003) and Marcin Gortat (57th place in 2005). Lamb and Gortat played in the NBA, before them, Cesare Trebansky entered the best league in the world, without conscription.

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