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Jeremy Susan was selected in the NBA Draft. Pole went to the San Antonio Spurs

Jeremy Susan was selected in the NBA Draft.  Pole went to the San Antonio Spurs

Sushan is the fourth Pole in history to be selected in the NBA draft. Earlier this honor was given to Maciej Lambi and Szimon Zivczyk (both in 2003) and Marcin Gortat (2005). However, none of them were selected in the first round in such a large number. Sushan’s ratings among experts have been very high in recent weeks and this was confirmed during the draft. However, it must be remembered that even a high selection in itself is only a step towards the goal of not only making a debut, but also a good game in the NBA.

Tottenham are a good choice for Sushan for many reasons. The Pole who studied in Texas currently lives there and would likely be happy to stay in that state. In San Antonio, over the years, they have built an organization that can introduce and develop players from all over the world to the NBA. For Susan, who grew up in Europe, it’s definitely a good environment off the court. Spurs recently had a difficult moment on the field, not being promoted to the playoffs three times in a row. Spurs’ reputation is largely dependent on manager Greg Popovich, who is nonetheless approaching retirement at the age of 73.

Susan is the son of an American and Polish woman who grew up in the British Isles. He studied at La Lumiere School in the United States, then in Germany at the Orange Academy associated with the Bundesliga club Ratiopharmem Ulm, and more recently at the American University of Baylor. In March, he prematurely ended his rookie season and decided to give up his subsequent school years to apply for a draft. In the past, he played for the Polish national team in the youth categories and in 2019 became the best player in Division B of the European Cadet Championship. In February 2021, he made his first-team debut.

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Sushan is 206 cm tall and is a great contemporary suite. Some say he is an unspecified player. He is versatile on both sides of the court, and gets positive reviews for his defense and basketball intelligence. Coaches from different years of his career praised his style of work and personality. Imperfection is considered a throw to him from afar, and he has to work hard.

Poland has not had an NBA player since February 5, 2019, when Gortat ended his career. Before him in the 21st century, Cesare Trebanski and Lamb also played in the NBA. The NBA also included Argentine Ruben Wolkowski and Israeli Gal Mikel, who have Polish citizenship, as well as American Jeff Nordgaard, who later obtained a passport with Eagle and even played for the White Reds. Lee Nurik and Vince Borella, who played in the NBA in their first decade of playing games, could claim the first Polish title in the NBA.

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