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Joanna Brzetkevich met Lewandowski in Barcelona. There was no end to smiles (PHOTO)

Joanna Brzetkevich met Lewandowski in Barcelona.  There was no end to smiles (PHOTO)

Nobody has any doubts about that Joanna Brzetkevich You can be proud of many acquaintances in the world of show business. The manager of La Mania loves to be around celebrities and never misses an opportunity to show off her new friendships. So it should come as no surprise that she developed a deeper relationship with her marriage as well Lewandowski.

Joanna Przetkevich in Spain. Made friends with Lewandowskis?

On Wednesday, tell us how Anna Lewandowska She supported her husband in the stands during the match F.C.B with Bayern Munich. At that time, she was also seen next to her Joanna Brzetkevichwho was excited to be at the Spanish stadium and willingly photographed herself with her wife Robert. Of course, their joint photos quickly found their way to the Instagram designer profile.

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Joanna Przetkevich praises the “left” to heaven. They invited her to Barcelona

It turns out that joanna I stayed in Spain a little longer and it was only by invitation Lewandowski. She also praised this fact on the web, where she posted a short thank-you note and some souvenir photos from Anya and Robert. It seemed that the couple communicated with the stylist perfectly, because there was no end to the smiles.

by the way Przetakiewicz She greeted Barcelona followers and asked if they had their favorite spots in the famous city. She could count not only on some recommendations, but also on many kind words, and fans could not praise the good contact that she had with her favorite “strong couple”.

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Rich and rich always coexist

The Anya I’m seeing, started calling her friends who were older than her

When I went to my girlfriend to Holland, I thanked her in person and took a gift, I didn’t take pictures with her and didn’t post a thank you message on Facebook.

John is gone, you need to find someone new

After all, Przetakiewicz looks great. Even with the skinny Lewandowska

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Cutters are a thief. On the next ride on the A2

It’s embarrassing that the Lewandowski family invites luxury blood

Przetakiewicz escort now with money in Kulczyk … Who liked PRL and its services? !!!!

For Rowandowski! Invite more Queen of Life (.changed well as your wife’s legendary friend Joanna

Not an “ex-wife”, just a lover

Barcelona’s youth must learn to pass the ball.

This world of theirs is very artificial and exhibited. I’m glad I don’t have to be there.

A great guy from Robercik, a hardworking, talented guy. yes 3mac

Robert, you are amazing. Bravo gooooooooooooooool!!!

These poses are a drama, I don’t think he can lift his feet normally anymore

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