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Joanna Jabucinska is proud of her own barn (photo)

Joanna Jabucinska is proud of her own barn (photo)

Joanna Jabuczynska She has been in show business since childhood. In recent years, the former soloist of the group “Vasulki” has devoted more and more attention and time to working outside the art industry. from 2019 Jabłczyńska She runs her own law firm, and now boasts new success.

Some time ago, the 36-year-old came up with the idea to buy a farm with a barn.

I spent most of the epidemic there. I have a chicken coop there, the first plants have already been planted, and my grocer is about to start producing crops. Once the weather is good and my professional duties allow me, I spend most of my time there – She said a year ago on “Dzień Dobry TVN”. Until then, I planned to renovate the barn.

I love this place. It becomes more and more beautiful every year. I will renovate this barn next season. Do you know someone who performs such miracles? Do you have experience in such projects? – I asked fans on Instagram.

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Now Jabłczyńska has praised the first event she was able to organize in the renovated barn.

It doesn’t happen often, but I really don’t know where to start, there are so many positive feelings and gratitude swirling inside me Celebrities write on Instagram. Let me start with the fact that “what happens in the Jabłczyńska shed stays in the Jabłczyńska shed,” so you won’t see many people here, who played with me yesterday in this place, and had a good time. This weekend I just confirmed that I’m very lucky with people The star of “Na Wspólnej” is happy.

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Then Jabłczyńska listed all those who helped her arrange the barn space and complete the project. She added that this is the beginning to achieve her next dream.

This is the first event, but absolutely not the last – I confirmed.

Jabłczyńska confirmed that she did not intend to use the barn for commercial purposes.

The barn is private. I am not planning to rent it, but only to host my friends and family. It’s just a dream come true – is signs.

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The most important thing is to achieve your dreams

She has such beauty that you can’t see the passage of time 🙂

And gorgeous, from stage boards to barn boards. Who loves what, it is important to be happy.

I think she’ll be fine in the office. An active lawyer does not have time for side business, because he is constantly learning, expanding his knowledge and preparing for cases.

Well, because now you’re almost not going to earn now and the roles are so fragile…just have to wash yourself up so that customers look for events in there because there are a lot of different rooms.

Recent Comments (41)

It has always been said that “lawyers and legal advisors” cannot do other business activities, the seriousness of the profession requires 100% dedication and it is not appropriate for a great lawyer to “abuse” the law 🙂 etc. They do not collect in other industries, they have nothing to live for, for example, at the age of forty, they are in a pot with their parents, they cannot even afford to live separately and write here about people like a lawyer and legal adviser with rights and many years of experience . … …

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Read on to the end. Jabłczyńska indicates that she will host her family and friends there and will not rent it

How beautiful she is, more beautiful from year to year

Mrs. Jabłczyńska changed to little. Apparently, the lawyer is not one of them, as she deals with barns and representation.

She found her place in class… But where did such enlarged pupils come from???? Joy, ecstasy and ecstasy????

Measles is still dead, no coal, no firewood, prices, higher and higher premiums… what next? how much time left ?

“I have a chicken coop there, the first plants have already been planted, and in a moment my vegetable seller will start producing crops.” Planted plants! ??? – After all, Joanna Jabłczyńska said that the plants are planted!

Rozenkowa catches 10 birds by the tail and Asia can’t?

“I have a chicken coop there, the first plants have already been planted, and in a moment my vegetable seller will start producing crops.” Planted plants! ??? – After all, Joanna Jabłczyńska said that the plants are planted!

She looks so young and this short cut made her even younger

This idea was realized a long time ago by Andrzej Deskur, so nothing new.

The poodle is afraid of this lady’s “pre-trial calls to stop publishing” and quickly removes comments about Jabłczyńska’s private life 🙂 Why write about it at all when people can’t comment?

main does. He has taken over many companies and the truth is that without the employees, they would all go bankrupt because he couldn’t save time and start one right. Three magpies catch by the tail. He’s lucky the teams are well coordinated and somehow things are going. But this is all on hold. You cannot take advantage of people forever. Everyone is tired of it, Asia, I wish you good luck

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