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Joanna Koroniewska and Maciej Dowbor HIT the Śpiewak, because the interview with Kaźmierska reminded them: “We earn and give to others, and you enjoy society”

Joanna Koroniewska and Maciej Dowbor HIT the Śpiewak, because the interview with Kaźmierska reminded them: "We earn and give to others, and you enjoy society"

Since the media, including Pudelek, began to take a closer look at the characters journalistsIn this article, many disturbing facts of the faceless influencer and his rich and famous friends have emerged. Although two weeks ago Celebrities and public figures competed to appear on his podcasttoday it has nothing to do with The debtor avoided the authorities of the state unwelcome.

He is also following up on the journalist’s case Jan SpiwakWho posted it on his Instagram and started wondering How Another Influencer Became a Criminal Liar. He quickly answered himself: “Social media, like our capitalist system, rises to the top of the ladder of sociopaths without emotion,” and finally adds menacingly. “Influencers are not your friends, they are paid companies”. Maybe it will just end up with the journalist’s thread, if not with the truth of it singer He reminded the masses of his crusade against capitalism which he strikes among other things In the so-called “pathological culture”. The social activist spoke about it at length, especially regarding the issue Arkadiusz “Megakota” Zgorzelski from “The Queens of Life”.

Soon he remembered Jan Spiwak New thread from Pathoculture And the He found a record of one of the “Domówki u Dowborów” in which Dagmara Kaźmierska was a guestthe most famous pimp in the history of television. “Another criminal with influences. This is how you fabricate consent on a rich pathology base.” – Books under the image of Kaźmierska z Joanna Koroniuska And the Massej Dubourg.

Oh, we shocked @janekspiewak, should we feel proud? – Dowbor asks sarcastically. (…) I wonder if Mr. Janekspiewak was so frustrated when Dagmara visited other media?! Or maybe Cuba or Onet Rano is also part of the disgusting pathological system? (…) Do you know what makes us different from you?! We live from work, and also on the Internet, so we can hire people, pay them decent money and also spend money on charity. And you live by taking money from people on Patronite!! Over 13,000 PLN per month! So we earn and give to others, and you play a social activist, scout, and moral advocate for other people’s money? And you taught us how to be fit? What hypocrisy!

It can be seen that the blame in the interview with Kaźmierska made Dowbor so bad that he dragged the piewak … Ruling to defend people from ground expulsionHe heard it in 2019. Let’s add that Śpiewak defamed then Bogomita Gornicowska-Swiekalska, the daughter of the former Minister of Justice in the government of the Civic Platform and the Polish People’s Party …

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Well, comparing the penalty for defending people against eviction and defending public property against embezzlement is the same as forcing women to have sex and pandering. What a moral and intellectual collapse – Śpiewak went back and noticed that the Patronite payments are an expression of free will, which victims do not possess, even those pimps, whom Dowborów so eagerly promoted.

A wave of criticism set off on Dowborów, which Śpiewak did not fail to reveal. Everyone referred the vocabulary to Dowbor, calling it even gutter; There was also a voiceover at the end Dowbor and Koroniewska win money in the episode with Kaźmierska (“You take money to promote Batuli”) – This is their “job” as influencers. Donating to Patronite is not a ‘cash withdrawal’ and reminding you to do your charitable work is simply weak. “I wonder which work is more valuable: a celebrity detached from reality or a man who defends the weakest and spreads pathology?” Singer asked.

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Joanna Koronioska, who asked first, probably wanted to lighten the situation Who is Jan Spiwak?but after a few hours of thinking, she added it “She believes in people,” so she trusts that Dagmara Kaźmierska is also converted …

(…) If you are interested in slander, I can assure you that I forbid it. I don’t waste time replying – She stated emphatically.

And to think that the discussion started with the journalist… It is worth noting that Joanna Koronevska and Maciej Dubor I spoke with him in January 2021The entry for “Domówki” is still available on YouTube. But the journalist did not show his face in the broadcast, and a black plaque appeared in his window.

How would you rate Dowborów’s defense against Śpiewak? Did they give themselves a good testimonial?

Oh truth in the eyes of the circle. I know what Śpiewak looks like, you can’t support him in everything, but you can see Dowborów’s row in this scandal. What do we have from their homes? What did we learn from them? They claim a company of mutual adoration and even in the comments they do not hide the fact that they will ban those who do not like them, there is no such thing as “reliable influential journalism” xD and Śpiewak sorry, he even went to court, because and did not withdraw his words addressed to the daughter of a former minister

It just shows them

Problems with Insta…. Spiritual void!

The daughter of a famous politician has a girlfriend, write about her

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DOWBOR is what you have in your head with this conjugation 😳🤔


3 min. since

People, stop following all these celebrities and the problem will be solved. You sit, tap, like, punch them and then slam those or those in the box. Everyone knows Pathology is a best seller and everyone in the network wants to win something from it.

They made themselves patriots, congratulations on the elections

Bravo singer…

5 minutes ago

The Batosliprites have shown themselves that they deserve this name 👏👏👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

Duburn is the one who loves black girls! We remember the interview from the trip. Shame .

Hey Dobor, haven’t you had any romance in Krakow? What was there to boast

Actress of one role and son of a famous mother, like spouses.

And who are you, woman, nobody, and your husband, the son of a famous presenter, you just slipped on someone’s back

Koronioska, O Queen! You’ve given us great roles! A wonderful choice, you are the source of pride and glory…

Hahahe near Zapasiewicz, did not even stand

Dowbor told how she had deceived Koroniewska. Also with a lawyer like Królikowski

This interview was very embarrassing.

A wall behind a singer!!!!!!!

Mr and Mrs Dowborów, would you like one of your little girls to meet a woman like your interlocutor soon?

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