July 28, 2021

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Joanna Koroniuska and Maciej Dubor were asked to leave the plane.  for one mistake

Joanna Koroniuska and Maciej Dubor were asked to leave the plane. for one mistake

Joanna Koronjoska Dubor I Massej Dubourg They were planning to spend their vacation in Thailand. He and his children had to leave a few days ago, However, by an unlucky mistake, the family was forced to leave the cover of the plane.

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In an interview with a magazine Massej Dubourg He revealed that he was responsible for the errorWhich forced the family to change their vacation plans at the last minute.

Joanna Koroniuska and Maciej Dubor were asked to leave the plane. All because of one mistake

Massej Dubourg On Instagram he added a meaningful photo with his wife and wrote:

Have you ever butchered your vacation?! Or even not to go on vacation, because someone (you?) broke something central?? I guess a few of you have made the biggest vacation mistakes like the rest of us”- wrote the journalist.

The “Your Face Looks Familiar” host explained in an interview with “Super Express” what went wrong and why the couple had to forgo vacation this year.

It turns out Maciej Dubor had mixed up his daughter’s nickname when he was buying tickets. Instead, Dowbor entered Koroniewska, which did not match her documents. As they passed the gates, the observer drew attention to this and explained that in such a situation it would be necessary to show the daughter’s birth certificate.

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Photo: Jarosław Antoniak / MW Media

Joanna Koroniuska and Maciej Dubor

Joanna Koronjoska Dubor And her husband thinks they can show the birth certificate after returning from leave, but that hasn’t happened.

“We were allowed in right up to the sleeve and there was the last check of the ticket. The same guy said, ‘But wait, where is the birth certificate?’” “, “But we had an arrangement that we wouldn’t have to send until we got back.” “No, no, no. Please get those country things out.” We had to cross this border again. We were taken out of our sleeves and taken back to the station with security. We had a slight feeling that these people thought we had been caught smuggling drugs or explosives. It was embarrassing. We lost a lot of money ”- said the presenter.

Hopefully next time Maciej Dubor will put the correct names of the children on the tickets. We keep our fingers crossed for another successful holiday.

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