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Joanna Obozda responds to the accusation of redaction and shows evidence (photo)

Joanna Obozda responds to the accusation of redaction and shows evidence (photo)

Joanna Obozda She’s had a really rough time in the last months. It was one of the most beautiful moments of her life, which was undoubtedly becoming a mother, intertwined with a painful separation from her. Antik KrulikowskiVincent’s father. The actor cheated on his wife when she was still pregnant.

Despite the difficult moments, the celebrity managed to move on. An important role was played by Joasia’s close family and friends, whom she could always count on. أو She could not enjoy maternity leave for a long time, because – as she herself admitted in one of the interviews – she had to return to work to support the family.

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The star recently bragged on InstaStory that she joined the cast of the second season of the Polish series “Mecenas Porada”, in which the main role was played by Aleksandra Domańska. Interestingly, in the first season we could see Antik Krulikowski there, but it seems that his theme will not continue.

Professional duties Joanna is trying to come to terms with being a mother and you can see that she is doing a good job. Little Vincent’s mother recently went to BeskidsWhere he settles in a wooden but luxurious facility. Actress Available Large lounge and spa with sauna, jacuzzi and generous garden.

Someone wrote to me that in this photo I made my legs longer in Photoshop – Yuasya wrote with the previous photo attached.

And the artist decided to publish a photo taken in the live mode to show the skeptics that her beauty does not require the intervention of graphic programs.

This picture is live. Thanks, I take that as a complimentT, Obozda wrote, had a clear need to grind her nose that questioned her beauty.

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After all, she has the kind of beauty that you can only dream of. In a potato bag and without flour, it would be great anyway

She is beautiful in a natural version without makeup! The baby is so beautiful


20 minutes. Ago

It seems to me that the worse a person appears in the picture, the better, naturally. I’m going to wash because I’m still skipping Mr. Josowski and saying I smell wrong 😳😤🫣😝

These are some eggs. Joanna is one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful Polish actresses. Why her retouch??

Why it is explained, its condition, and whoever has seen it on air knows what it looks like. Does she look beautiful?

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🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍ …

6 minutes ago

world problems…

Why it is explained, its condition, and whoever has seen it on air knows what it looks like. Does she look beautiful?

The photo in the cottage is a little flowery. He appears. Her face was filtered, the neck and chest were forgotten. She is beautiful and graceful. A bit of a dessert, but it stands out on the Polish street.

You might not, but the app on the phone does.

I feel sorry for this boy because he doesn’t have a whole family 🙁

I saw her live and she is not very tall and her legs are not very long. It’s just that the girl is super skinny and graceful which translates into pretty pictures.

I am so glad this girl is doing so well. Gone are the times when a woman could only pursue a profession with the help of a man. My only regret is that, with the exception of little Vincent, all the men in her life have turned into clowns, I mean her father too….

Actress after 30 without any important role

It hurts to look

18 minutes ago

This is a cheap agency

The new aiphones are designed so that in a three-camera 0.5 mode, they actually take pictures that improve the look and generally capture a broader perspective. Also, there is no revision and the number is better, but I don’t see anything wrong with it

The picture is from the bottom and this is the effect, especially when Joanna has very long legs

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