October 19, 2021

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Joanna Przetakiewicz has a portfolio of more than 140 thousand.  PLN: I have it and I'm wearing it!

Joanna Przetakiewicz has a portfolio of more than 140 thousand. PLN: I have it and I’m wearing it!

Joanna Brzetkevich He is the creative director of the brand mania And a lover of luxury, which he talks about a lot in interviews. Recently, the paparazzi caught a star doing business in the city in a very simple black design. However, the star’s portfolio attracted special attention from photojournalists. The Hermes model, chosen by celebrities, is valued at more than 140,000 at the auction price. zloty. business woman In an interview with Plejada, she revealed where the price of the bag comes from.

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Maciej LechociƄski: It’s now ranting on the web about your latest street design. Paparazzi pictures a lady wearing a simple beautiful black ensemble. The whole look was quirky with a Hermes brand handbag, which Pudelek wrote about, costing more than PLN 140,000. zloty…

Joanna Przetkevich: I’ve been hearing about these bags for a long time.

Prices for such bags are often obtained from auctions, so they cost less in the store, and then, due to lack of availability, the auction price increases two or even three times. There they can actually get access to bare sums, hence the price. That is why these are considered luxury accessories, because there are so few of them.

What do you think about buying luxury clothes and accessories made of exotic leather?

If someone can buy expensive things, do so.

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For example, Hermes has diamond-encrusted handbags in his collection, so if someone wants to buy such an accessory, it’s just his business. I don’t buy them.

Perhaps that is why vintage clothes and accessories are so popular today. It is not only responsible fashion, often such things carry a certain amount of good energy and happiness. I myself sell a lot of things on the platform, and I dedicate everything to the activities of my foundation “Ery Nowych Kobiet”. I love the so-called user workflow. First of all, because these pearls do not lose their value. I realize there are different philosophies – someone might not like to shine and I respect that too. Nowadays, I don’t like mainstream criticism – some people are criticized for asceticism, others for luxury. Still others are accused of taking care of their beauty, and others of neglecting them. Let everyone be what they want to be and wear the accessories according to their beliefs.

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You are into fashion, which is why perhaps the world of beauty and luxury goods is close to you, hence your passion for unique clothes and accessories.

naturally! If I like, I put on tracksuits and sneakers, and the next day I go out to meet them in a cashmere coat and high heels. I feel good in both versions! That’s all today is all about, until we finally stop bashing and criticizing others. Let’s start the opposite – appreciate what is most beautiful in us! I suffer from this in my organization “Era New Women”, because I can no longer listen to the constant reprimands, Polish women have been in the last place for years according to the World Health Organization (WHO – ed.). To self-esteem and it is caused, among other things, by eternal criticism, so I try to fight it and have a lot of understanding for myself and others.

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Are there any clothes or accessories that you wouldn’t buy because of the price?

I definitely won’t buy clothes high fashion (The luxury fashion tailoring department that deals with creating custom clothing for a specific client) which is inaccessible to me.

Their prices reach 250-300 thousand. euro. That’s crazy to me, but if someone can afford it of course and wants it, let them buy it.

The first time I called you, we couldn’t talk because you were waiting for the Fendi House show in Milan. Can you tell us about your impressions of the fashion scene?

The Fendi show just ended and my friend and I discovered that it was a very beautiful and unusual thing. Finally, there was a return to femininity, elegance and classics in an ultra-modern version. Brand Creative Director – Kim Jones has brought to the global fashion market some uniqueness that has been missing for so many years, it’s kind of a new trend that isn’t about being a “fashion victim” and wearing things that you don’t. It doesn’t suit the person, but just being yourself. He did this using silk, cashmere, and other luxurious fabrics. He did not present these very modern, harsh and unpleasant fabrics, which I liked so much, everything was very sensual and feminine.

You can see it in the luxury goods market – people love it, so it is undeniable. But personally I am very glad that he is not here and that we are dealing with fashion with a capital “M”. Everything is additionally highlighted by a beautiful palette of peach and amber tones. For me it is an advertisement, a revelation!

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