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Joanna Przetkevich on Rinke Ruins’ disease: “I felt helpless. This is something that changes you forever.”

Joanna Przetkevich on Rinke Ruins' disease: "I felt helpless. This is something that changes you forever."

Joanna Brzetkevich Pudelek just gave an honest interview in which she opened up about her private life. The star, among other things, spoke about the illness of her beloved, Rinke Ruins. Fortunately, the producer recovered, but his battle with the disease lasted for several months. In an interview with Michai Dzidzic Przetakiewicz revealed how much she left on their relationship and admitted that the experience strengthened their feelings.

Such an event always leaves a big imprint, because it is not an ordinary story that lasts a week or several days. This is something that changes you forever. How we’ve changed that is that we know we can always count on ourselves. He knows he can always count on me. surely.

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But I also know how strong the relationship between us is. The whole situation, which lasted several months, convinced me how deeply we feel. It was best described by our friend who said, “Well, they met, now they’re having fun, they’re going to play together, and then when the cannons came out and they started shooting, only then did I realize that this is true love”. Sometimes, in fact, in order to see something, it takes a crisis in which you see that you can give a lot.

The millionaire also revealed her reaction when she heard about her partner’s illness.

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I did one interview and there will be 15 articles out of it…

Why does she talk so publicly about her entire private life? This is not normal

The Manier has stalls in the market. Complete lack of class

I open a bet! How much stick from this phony interview! ???

Unable to find…

24 minutes ago

But what’s his point?

Recent Comments (32)

It’s a great story. Did he have a normal bowel movement? Was the stool normal or scanty after all?

I mean, a pimple tells us one day about gorgeous mistress Jan K., who insured her financially for the rest of her life, and the next about some Hooojens, who she supports with that money.

It’s okay, she’s pretty and old, but I don’t like it

Her statements are tragic. Is she sure she graduated from a school? Preliminary example with building Las Vegas

Who is Mrs. Przetakiewicz?

Well not a word about what went wrong xD. It is important that you have difficulty with this.

I must tell you that every second in the world a man dies of starvation. Usually good, honest and generous. One pie will suffice and he will be alive. You don’t need sausages or other luxuries. I am an old communist and feel sorry for the poor and the good. But you also feel sorry for your man’s illness. Good day.

Margaret 54

16 minutes ago

A new set of clothes or dishes getting ready??? Is he too eager to give interviews? Upgrading an old lady carrying baggage of embarrassing events

Does anyone know the difference between sour soup and borscht?

After his key he still talks about love???? not necessary! We know he loves $$$$$$$$$$! Old ugly ugly married?????? Certainly not important! The guards from the beginning of the world do not pay attention to him! Quite simply – as they say – “the oldest job in the world!

These stories in the wrong style and not knowing what to loosen up after speaking about the greatest feeling of connection between these countries, immediately spoke in me.

Did Mrs. JB buy a premium package on Pudelek as there are a lot of articles about it?

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