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Joanna Przetkevich went to help. Wojciechowska ‘Very sick’

Joanna Przetkevich went to help.  Wojciechowska 'Very sick'

Martyna Wojciechowska The last year will not be rated as the most successful. In a somewhat unexpected way Her marriage broke up for several months with Przymek Kosakovsky.

Now the TVN star is trying to make a new life for himself. Work and subsequent trips to distant parts of the world turned out to be useful. Of course, this type of trip comes with a certain amount of risk. Martyna just found out – she paid for it with illness.

“I came back from the trip and got very sick. Today I was supposed to record another episode on the YouTube channel with Joanna Przetkevich. I called to apologize and say that I am sick and will not be able to do this ”- Martina, who was barely able to record, began recording to speak.

But the millionaire’s reaction surprised her…

“Asia insisted that she would come bring me dinner and bring me medicine. I got raspberry juice so I could make tea for myself, I got a blanket so I could cover myself up, I got warm, I got a tracksuit, I got flowers and I got a lot of good energy. – She began to admire her friend’s devotion.

Finally, you decided to publicly thank her for helping her through difficult times…

“Thank you, you are a wonderful person. There are no such people in the world anymore. I just adore you” – summed up Martina.

Do you envy Wojciechowska such a friend?

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