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Joanna Rasewicz has had two miscarriages. “The depression has been going on for years. Was anyone from TVP interested in me? No, Mr. President.”

Joanna Rasewicz has had two miscarriages.  "The depression has been going on for years. Was anyone from TVP interested in me? No, Mr. President."

Joanna Rasewicz yet another Kinga Rosin, Anna Lewandowska if Martyna Wojciechowska A public figure loudly calls not to leave disgusting words about the “give in the neck” of young women. Jaroslav Kaczynski Amphibians.

news expert husband, Pawe Janeczek, died on April 10, 2010 in the plane crash of Smolensk. The journalist often mentions a former lieutenant of the State Protection Office in touching posts on Instagram. This was also the case on Tuesday when Racewich She posted a comprehensive entry targeting the president in her profile. Accompanied by a photo of Joanna embracing her 14-year-old son, Igor.

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It’s me and my son – I started. I gave birth in my early thirties. No, not because I was “surrendering in the neck,” Mr. President. I postpone motherhood for fear of the future. Our first child was too weak to live. Died inside. that happens. Then we wanted to build a nest. a house. We did not look back at the state. We were two young men. happy.

Then Joanna removed a background from her job, which – she argues – was dictated by her political views. She was then three months pregnant. Shortly thereafter, the journalist had a second miscarriage.

Until the “First PIS” came along and his commission fired me from my job – He remembers. I was considered a “leftist”. I was saying: It’s the third month of pregnancy. Did not matter. “You don’t suit us.” It was a contract for a specific job, not a full-time job. They call it: Waste truck. Do you know? Zero rights. Zero chance of defence. We also lost our second child. “There are no medical reasons, it seems to be severe pressure” – this is the diagnosis.

depression came I continued. She kept it in her hand for years. Then it was bad with childbearing. Does anyone from TVP care about me? No, sir. Just a mouthful of phrases about pro-family politics. Pratova asked her husband, the chief, for longer leave for her chief of security, my husband. “Take care of your wife.” Bowie stayed home with me. He was holding his hand. He kept saying, “We can do that.”

Two years later, a miracle happened. Son – I wrote. Long awaited and longed for. Until April 10 came a one-way flight. Re-election campaign begins. Everyone wanted to land. You too, right? Let’s leave the investigation. Let’s talk about emotions. About public mourning stretched over the years. About torch rallies every month. Quarrels in the cemetery, heated discussions in gatherings: “We know the truth, the truth is near.”

In the end, Racewicz swore to Kaczyński that she would bear the consequences of her words which were a manifestation of misogyny.

And finally – about meeting my husband after eight years. At the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Lublin. I asked him: “Leave him alone, he is the last. And if so – no mistake. I was in Moscow. To weld the coffin. I know how to dress. Row?” Nobody was listening again. And now? Do you hear indignation? anger? Attached? disability? Sorrow? You cannot despise women. Our anger can move thrones. Sometimes a spark is enough – summed up.

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What he said hurt a lot of women. How can a man separated from reality rule a country? Let’s change it

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18 minutes ago

This woman is tragic! You should go for treatment with the ex-Paulina Cruella – Corzaga.

Did Kaczyński comment on the abortion? Because I don’t understand these celebrity arguments…

He will now begin to count who and how many miscarriages and race are in order, but what does Kaczynski’s words about alcoholism of Polish women have to do with it?

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Mom they whine, I have them all up their noses!!!

…. But it is not just writing … Women meet many tragedies, but also during Kwaśniewski, Wałęsa, Komorowski … Where have you been before …?

Mrs. Racewicz, thank you.

Another one who will join these arguments is already collapsing…how much can???? There are no more interesting topics

You put it well. I did well!

He said that young girls drink a lot. He didn’t say anything about these famous people. Hit the table, one might say. Do they drink????

But what does her story have to do with what Drake said?

Now everyone feels compelled to say that they too have had a miscarriage. I have a miscarriage every month.

Ladies, you’re sick of hating, you can use the remedy. You take everything personally. Kaczynski talked about alcoholism among women, not about you or all women drinking

“This is me and my son” – it’s good that she fell.

They’ve all been molested, and now it turns out they’ve all had a miscarriage!

Everyone is very interested in their own words? Who is hurting you in this way? Do you care about his opinion or his opinion? why ? You just give him water for the mill. Not worth it…….. 😔

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