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Joanna Rasiewicz in a photo from years ago. I’ve changed a lot? (Photo)

Joanna Rasiewicz in a photo from years ago.  I've changed a lot?  (Photo)

Joanna Rasiewicz She worked for years under her own name as a journalist, while being a frequent presence in media gossip mainly due to her amazing transformation. At the same time, she took part in the fight against the haters online who point out her passion for aesthetic medicine and belittle her when she attempts to make a direct connection.

Joanna Rasiewicz on her own transformation. Enough of this topic

Joanna Rasiewicz He also makes no secret that he is slowly getting tired of the critical comments about the changes in his appearance. Although the fact that the journalist has changed a lot over the years is undeniable, some people use this fact to spew hate. Recently, she posted a sarcastic entry in which she maliciously included what she had changed about herself.

I have an artificial nose, eyes, teeth and cheeks. Plus nails, tits, ass and knees. Oh, sorry. The knees are fake, but this is due to the skis, not the puncture. sI flop without class or dignity. In the evening, I unbuttoned my hands, pulled my cheeks and untwisted strands of hair and then skated. I have more plastic in me than a dead whale off the coast of the Dominican Republic She mocked a tabloid investigation into her transformation.

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Joanna Rasiewicz featured a photo from years ago. I’ve changed a lot?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away She wrote herself.

From the markings and surroundings visible in the photo, it can be concluded that it was done many years ago during a visit to the hairdresser. At the time, the journalist had shorter and shorter blonde hair, and the look was emphasized by lipstick and a bright jacket.

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Her eyes still fascinate me. Are these lenses?

Today, every zloty that will affect SMA-fighting 4-year-old Marianka will be multiplied by an anonymous donor. Please, add anything

Joanna Rasiewicz openly admits that she risks her life for her ego. It seems that the woman, who is trying so hard not to let the memory of her husband die, plans to have her child bring back the amusement!

latest comments (65)

She used to be pretty and normal and now she’s a supermodel.

She is what she is, because this is how she loves and wants….. Freedom!!!

You were a beautiful girl of unique beauty, this sarcasm on your part shows how lonely and sad you are. Alone in the crowd with a sad smile a million times sadder than tears, he says to himself.

I also noticed today that my breasts are crooked and reach my waist.

She was a beautiful woman.>

It is true what you said about yourself. Only the name remains

That’s how I remember. Today in the new version does not inspire my confidence

very. Because then she had “that thing” inside of her – what everyone sees now. I am sorry

She was beautiful, but she was never pretty

I have not met. I forgot what it looked like

After all, it really gives the impression as if she were going to unpack something at night, put it on the bedside table, to install it again in the morning and move to the walls. ugly face Full of botox in the body. Her sarcasm is, all things considered, bizarre.

I don’t think she sees what she looks like, she really exaggerated it. Years ago my sister used this cream bronzer… I saw her a few weeks later and she was all very… orange… and she still hadn’t seen it, she claimed she was still pale. …well it continued softening.

But what is the point of it?

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