September 21, 2021

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Joanna Vosses is shocked.  'I still feel the emotions'

Joanna Vosses is shocked. ‘I still feel the emotions’

The report of Dariusz Varun and Marek Warzinowski aroused great emotion in the Polish sports world. Anger is the mildest word people use in the environment. – I was shocked – admits the Polish national volleyball player.

Daoud Jura

Joanna Woese

WP SportoweFakty / Justyna Serafin / Pictured: Joanna Wołosz

Fourteen basketball players accuse coach Roman Scherzic of mental abuse on the pages of WP SportoweFakty. According to them, the coach was said to have committed harassment. Thirteen people interviewed were former students of the Elite Sports School tournament in Umyanki. The facility is supervised by the Polish Basketball Association.

Dawid Góra, WP SportoweFakty: Terrible and scary – that’s how I commented on the report.

Joanna Wołosz: I was feeling overwhelmed from the first paragraph. My heart pounded hard. When you read the phrases the coach said to them, your hands drop. It’s out of my mind. They were between 15 and 19 years old!

Watch the video: Powerful words after the scandal at Elite Basketball School. “Unions use a conspiracy of silence. They protect employees and coaches”

When I was a teenager, I was texting too. After reading the entire text, it occurred to me that I was very lucky that none of this happened to me in my school. After all, I was a little girl who came from the other end of Poland. This is not the time to use such vocabulary. Regardless of whether they are players or players. Now you need to support these girls, they showed great courage. The second issue, and the most frightening, is the harassment that appeared in the script.

Have you ever heard from your friends about bullying or harassment by a coach?

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No. Throughout my career, I have trained under professional coaches. I didn’t hear any disturbing signals from the girls. That is why I was so shocked, to put it mildly – angry, when I read the report. Such things are not supposed to happen in the twenty-first century.

Do you think the players’ bravery will inspire other people who have been harassed or bullied to share their experiences?

Yes really. After these experiences it must be hard to talk about them out loud. The greater the appreciation for the girls who choose to speak. It can give others courage. Also for those affected by the attack. You have to talk about it out loud. Especially in times when men are a little bit dominate.

14 girls talked about what happened to them in the reportage. And it is worth noting that one male dominates them as they claim! Now they must be taken care of to show others that it is okay to speak openly about such things.

I still have feelings when I talk about it. I can still feel what I wrote on Twitter – nothing but obscene words on my lips.

Young players may feel intimidated because they have a full career ahead of them. They don’t want all their work to be lost all of a sudden.

On the occasion of this text, I also returned to the story of Julia Tyszkiewicz. It’s easy to imagine how some people in relationships can take care of some things. People who should not be working with young people can be protected in some way. Julia was suspended for several months. Meanwhile, these girls are developing mentally. A full career ahead of them. More importantly, other similar situations make it clear that revealing your story is only good for you.

Parents may now have doubts about texting young female athletes?

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I think that after such a relationship, parents can fight more for the safety of their children. Conversation is very important. Even from a distance and on the phone, it is worth looking for even small signs that may indicate that something is wrong. I still hope that there are many good people in this cruel world and bad guys don’t always have to stand in our way. After all, sports are great, they greatly develop youth, and then make it easy to lead a healthy lifestyle. Especially at a time when phones and computers dominate everyday life and some people find it difficult to force themselves even to leave the house.

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