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Joasia from M jak miłość could not say goodbye to the team. Barbara Cordage Szatan complains about the ugly breakup from the series

Joasia from M jak miłość could not say goodbye to the team.  Barbara Cordage Szatan complains about the ugly breakup from the series

Author: MTL Maxfilm
Joasia from M jak miłość could not say goodbye to the team. Barbara Cordage Szatan complains about the ugly breakup from the series

Joasia from “M jak miłość” revealed for the first time what her life was like after being fired from the series. Barbara Cordig-Demon couldn’t even say goodbye to her friends from the group! The star suffered a lot from his expulsion from “M jak miłość”, and did not watch until the last episode with his participation. Let’s recall: Joasia’s thread was suddenly cut off in the series due to the actress’s own statements about the situation at the Polish-Belarusian border. In an interview with “Party” magazine, Cordy Demon reveals behind the scenes what this work looked like. Check out what she revealed – she really was – Joasia from “M jak miłość”!

Joasia disappeared from “M jak miłość” without saying goodbye! Demon Kurdi reveals bad facts

In episode 1619 “M jak miłość” we see Joasia Chodakowska for the last time. She died happy that she finally accepted Leszek’s (Sławek Uniatowski) proposal and despite Krajewski Turns out they’re broke, they left for France forever. This heroine will certainly never return, because Cordy is a demon who does not have a chance to return to the series after her political statements. The production will have to hire a new actress to play Joasia, however nothing is known about such plans.

Barbara Cordage-Szatan revealed in an interview with Battery magazine that she left without saying goodbye to the crew she spent so many years on set with! Why did this happen?

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From the production, except for Anya Mucha, my friend, I spoke to a few people. I’m sorry that this is how my adventure with the series ended, but I’m not going to leave it at that! Cordage reveals the devil.

The accounts “M jak miłość” in social media are owned by TVP, so I understood where this decision came from Qardaj the Devil explains the fact that she is unable to write a goodbye on social media.

Joasia from “M jak miłość” did not find time to say goodbye to the cast of the series in person, because in the fall she worked on the set of the show Your Face Looks Familiar, made a movie and gave a movie premiere. Stage show. That is why she had a break on the set of “M jak miłość”, where she was supposed to return in December, but it did not work out in time.

– You have to live. I want to close this chapter and not go back to it anymore. “M jak miłość” wasn’t my only project, although it was a great job. It’s time for new challenges and I’m ready for them – Adds Cordy Devil. I’m going to come up with some nice farewells to the people I’ve had so many great times with over the past eight years – Joanna from “M jak miłość” promises.

Kurdi Demon did not watch the last episode with Joasia in “M jak miłość”. At that time she preferred to go to the cinema with her husband.

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At that time I was with my husband in the cinema for the movie “Gucci House”. I’d rather watch Adam Driver, Al Pacino, and Lady Gaga than be sad – Cordy confessed the devil.

Barbara Kurdej-Satan for the last time in M ​​jak miłość. Joasia will leave in love with Leszek and finally happy!

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