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Joe Biden pardons those convicted of marijuana possession | world News

Joe Biden pardons those convicted of marijuana possession |  world News

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During the last presidential campaign, Kamala Harris stated when Joe Biden You will win the election after that Marijuana It will be decriminalized at the federal level across the United States. Single Biden He announced that he would delete the criminal record of those convicted of marijuana-related offenses in the past. On Thursday, he fulfilled his promise to be elected.

Joe Biden pardons those convicted of marijuana possession

“I will pardon all previous federal offenses related to regular marijuana possession. There are thousands of these people who therefore find it difficult to find work, housing or education. An amnesty will remove that burden” – he said President of the United States.

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Joe Biden also called on governors to pardon people who have committed the same crime under state law. “Just as no person should be in a federal prison simply for possessing marijuana, no person should be in a local or state prison for that reason,” he wrote.

At the same time, the US President announced that his administration will investigate whether marijuana should remain a Class 1 drug, such as heroin and LSD. Joe Biden noted that with the change in federal and state laws, the United States still needs strict restrictions on the trade, marketing, and sale of marijuana to minors.

The US President declared, “Sending people to prison for marijuana possession has destroyed many lives. Today we are beginning to redress these grievances.”

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Marijuana in the United States. Allowed for use in 19 countries

In the United States, marijuana policy varies from state to state. So far, it has been individual states that have decided to approve this substance for legal use. In 2022, the state of Rhode Island decided to decriminalize the possession and smoking of marijuana.

Thus, this state located in the northeastern part of the United States became the nineteenth US region to legalize the possession of marijuana by adults. At the same time, medical marijuana is allowed to be marketed in 38 states of the USA.

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