September 23, 2021

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Joe Biden: US troops can stay in Afghanistan after August 31

Joe Biden: US troops can stay in Afghanistan after August 31

President Joe Biden said Wednesday that U.S. troops could be in Afghanistan beyond the August 31 deadline to evacuate Americans, and that the U.S. military is currently unable to reach people outside Kabul airport.

In an interview with ABC News, Biden called on many Congressmen to extend the deadline for the final withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, saying “if American citizens continue, we will stay until they are all taken away.”

Biden on withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

However, Biden made it clear that his goal was to complete the evacuation by August 31, but if that did not happen, the troops would have to stay longer.

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– We will do everything we can to resolve conflicts and create columns so that Americans and their allies can get to the airport. Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said there was no way we could get Kabul out of the operation. He added that the United States expects the Taliban to allow Afghans who want to leave Afghanistan to leave safely.

Austin said there were about 4,500 U.S. troops in Kabul and that “there is no hostile relationship with the Taliban and our contacts with Taliban commanders are open.”

Deportation from Afghanistan

The media is getting more information about the difficulties in accessing the airport that is being evacuated from Afghanistan. Yesterday, a message appeared on the website of the US Embassy in Kabul stating that US forces could not ensure secure access to the airport in the Afghan capital, from which civilians were brought in. The State Department acknowledged that the Taliban had not kept their word, promising free access to Kabul airport to Afghanistan.

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Biden noted the dramatic scenes from the Kabul airport and his first reaction was “we have to control this again”. The US president admitted that he “did not expect anything to happen.”

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