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Johnny Depp’s driver took Amber Heard. All about stools in the couple’s bed

Johnny Depp's driver took Amber Heard.  All about stools in the couple's bed

to treat Johnny Depp And Amber Heard It started on April 11th. The actor sued his ex-wife for defamation and asked her for $50 million. His career was on the verge of collapse after the publication of an article in which the actress stated that she was a victim of domestic violence. Although she did not reveal the name of her kidnapper, most of them suspected that he was Johnny Depp. The day after the column was published, Disney rescinded the contract with the star and was excluded from producing the sixth installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Later it was also removed from Part Two of Fantastic Beasts. Now, filmmaker Jack Sparrow is trying to prove his innocence by testifying for several days in court during the Trial of the Contract.

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Johnny Depp’s driver Amber Heard took

In the course of his testimony, the actor told a story. He admitted that the day after he announced to Amber Heard that he was leaving her, he wanted to go back to his apartment and take some valuables. The cleaning lady who was in the apartment explained to him that it wasn’t the best idea I sent him a picture of the stool that ended up on his side of the bed. This caused a surprise not only in the courtroom, but also among viewers around the world. The trial is broadcast on television and on the Internet. Amber Heard tried to whiten herself, claiming that it was the dogs who left the “surprise” in their bed. Now, Johnny Depp’s chauffeur, Starling Jenkins, has drowned out the actress and her attempts to explain herself from an unusual event.

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The man explained that when he was driving the actress to Coachella, she was telling him the couple’s bedside crap was doing it. Starling Jenkins explained that the word “defecating” was mentioned in the interview, and the star translated it as “a terrible joke that went wrong.”

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