October 19, 2021

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Jolanta Kwa¶niewska is happy with her daughter's partner.  A distinguished man with great charisma.  She also evaluated his parents

Jolanta Kwa¶niewska is happy with her daughter’s partner. A distinguished man with great charisma. She also evaluated his parents

Julanta Kwasniewska She has been the first lady for more than 15 years, but what is happening with her is still of interest to the public. The same goes for her daughter. Alexandra KwasniewskaNetizens are keen to follow her on social media. What does her mother think of Ola’s life with Cuba Badach?

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Alexandra Kwanevska and Kuba Badach at a beachside party. Love flowers!

Alexandra Kwanevska assesses the relationship between Alexandra Kwanivska and Kuba Badash

Jolanta Kwanevska expressed her sympathy for her daughter-in-law, Kobe BadchaShe said in an interview withFifiShe admitted that she was glad that her daughter met such a man. And the former first lady was pleased to dissolve the excellent relationship with the Badach family and himself.

Ola and Kuba’s love can be seen in their every step – in their eyes and gestures. I think that we, parents, are waiting for such a moment when a man appears next to our child, in which we see the feeling that our child feels for us. I see and feel it and it fills me with great joy and hope. For me, Kuba is an exceptional person with great charisma. And such a prank in his eyes is similar to his parents.

Before meeting Kuba Badach’s parents, Kwaśniewska was convinced that they desired each other. They talk about it warmly.

Oleńka hits the spot well, and she has wonderful relatives. Cuba’s parents are very friendly, they raised two wonderful sons. For them, family values ​​are the most important. We immediately switched to “you” so that there was no distance between us. I was convinced we would be on the same wavelength. It was so.

During one of the Kwaśniewski and Badach families’ meetings, Ola and Kuba’s parents agreed not to read about them in the media.

We will not surf the Internet and read posts about our children.

Alexandra Kwasniewski and Alexandra KwasniewskiKwaśniewska posted a photo of her little dad. He had small rings. style? Fashionable so far

Well, may every couple have such an understanding and warm in-laws!

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