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Jordan. Belgium in Parliament is the reason for adding the word “woman” to the constitution. “Some macho crushing” | News from the world

Jordan.  Belgium in Parliament is the reason for adding the word "woman" to the constitution.  "Some macho crushing" |  News from the world

as From Feelings ignited discussions about the term “Jordanian women” and the project to include it in a section of the constitution that guarantees equal rights for all citizens. Many deputies expressed their indignation. In their opinion, the modification could lead to gender discrimination. But the arguments aimed at introducing “linguistic equality” were in vain, their words became stronger and stronger, and one of the deputies did not want to apologize for “unjustified statements” and was harshly excluded from the meeting, and that was the beginning of the chaos.

Brawl in the House of Representatives in Jordan. The reason for the discussion was the addition of the word “women” to the constitution

The verbal confrontation between several deputies soon turned into a certain disagreement. The battle lasted a few minutes, but it was without heavy losses. The parliamentary session was broadcast live on state television. This behavior is unacceptable. Representative Khalil Attia, who witnessed the fighting, commented in an interview with Reuters that it harms our nation and the reputation of our country.

Fight footage can be seen below. She pointed out that “adding the word ‘woman’ to the constitution bypassed some Jordanian men.”

The color of the lake overlooking the Dead Sea has changed. Netizens: They are Egyptian pests

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The fight for freedom of expression

Jordanian parliamentarians are famous for their bloody nature. In 2019, a row erupted over the controversy over…freedom of expression. – every member Senate The House of Representatives has complete freedom of expression within the framework of the minutes of the relevant House. A parliamentarian may not be reprimanded for the manner in which he votes, or for what he thinks or says. One of the MPs said during the Jordanian parliament session, not everyone has to agree to it, but we must respect each other. Another deputy walked towards him. – Shut up! Shut up! Shut up or get out! He heard an attack.

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