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Jordan’s former Crown Prince says he is under ‘house arrest’

The former Crown Prince of Jordan said on Saturday night (3) that he was under “house arrest” and that his half-brother had refused to take part in the plot against King Abdullah II.

In a video aired on the BBC, Prince Hamza said the army commander came to his house and “did not allow him to leave.”

The prince assures him that he is not involved in any conspiracy and that he is “not responsible for the degeneration of the regime, corruption and incompetence of his country’s authorities.”

Earlier, he said the military had denied his detention and had called for an end to activities that could threaten the country’s stability.

Two others close to the Jordanian royal family were detained Saturday for “security reasons”.

In the videos posted on the internet, there was a large police mobilization in the Tabuk region, near the royal palaces.

Hamza was the eldest son of the late King Hussein and his American wife Rani Noor. Officially, he had good relations with Abdullah II and was close to tribal leaders.

Abdullah named the heir-prince his half-brother Hamza in response to his father’s wishes, but in 2004 he withdrew the title and gave it to his eldest son, Hussein.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that the former crown prince was “under control” as part of an investigation into a conspiracy against the prince.

The newspaper quoted a former Middle Eastern intelligence official as saying, “The move follows what palace officials described as a complex and far-sighted plot.”

According to the Washington Post, the plot “involves at least one member of Jordan’s royal family, tribal leaders and members of the country’s security apparatus.”

In a statement, General Youssef Houniti, the leader of the staff leaders, denied that Prince Hamza was among the prisoners. “The revelations about the arrest of Prince Hamza are not true,” he said.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Jordan’s security and security. “

– “Security Reasons” –

According to the official Jordanian agency, Petra, the head of the state court in 2007-2008, Passem Awatalla and Sheriff Hassan bin Jait were among the detainees, although he did not describe how many were arrested.

Sheriff is a title given to those close to the Jordanian royal family.

The two were arrested “for security reasons” after an operation, citing security evidence, the agency said.

Former Finance and Planning Minister Passem Awatalla was close to the King of Jordan and a controversial figure in his country.

Prior to becoming President of the State Court in 2007, he was President of the King’s Office in 2006.

Avadalla resigned as head of state court in 2008 after being criticized for allegedly interfering in controversial political and economic issues.

Some delegates, politicians and journalists have accused him of interfering in the country’s privatization plans.

Second Jordanian allies expressed support for King Abdullah II.

U.S. State Department spokesman Netflix Washington said he was “following this information closely.”

“We are […] Contact the Jordanian authorities. King Abdullah is a key partner of the United States and we have our full support, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

In response, Saudi Arabia expressed its full support for the Kingdom of Jordan […] Decisions and actions taken by King Abdullah II and Crown Prince Hussein to safeguard security and stability ”.

The arrests came just days before the state’s centenary celebrations. On April 11, 1921, King Abdullah, the leader of the new state of Transjordan, formed his first government with Palestine during the British rule, after creating the United States in March 1921.

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