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Journalist accuses Dorota Zwadzka of violence against children on shows

Journalist accuses Dorota Zwadzka of violence against children on shows

lowest Dorota Zwadzka Thanks to TVN’s once-popular production, the title has always stayed true Subergnani. In the above figure, which was broadcast in 2006-2008, the 59-year-old helped families who had serious problems with their children in front of the cameras. Each episode of the program aroused great excitement among viewers, and the educational methods used by the chief educator of Polish show business have already taken place. Criticize.

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Although in recent years Zawadzka She reminded herself intermittently, often marking social media entries, everything indicating that she would be loud again. Krytyka Polityczna just published a book in which Anna Golos Looks at how Supernnia tried to tame the problem of kids years ago. As part of the promotion “Superania vs. three-year-old Anto. How TV teaches how to raise kids” An interview with the author of the work appeared on the Internet. The woman in it says directly that what we saw on the show with Dorota was like that By force.

It’s true that both the original Polish Supernania (because this show is in a British format) were against hitting children, but what if they replaced them with other types of violence and abuse. “Punishment hedgehog” – like Knockout – is a euphemism for disguising violence. In theory, this punishment was only supposed to last a few minutes, but in reality it would last for hours – says the journalist, then recalling one of the scenes in “Superniani” that make her cry. It is located around the ring that Victoria, a few years old, was sitting naked in the bathtub and crying, her mother Zwadzka and the photographer stood over her in silence and ignored her.

According to the program’s authors, this scene – which clearly provoked them – was typical of another educational method promoted in this program, the so-called ignoring hysteria. In practice, it is simply ignoring the child, a form of psychological abuse and emotional neglect that hurts just as much as hitting. Literally: Research has shown that the pain a person feels when ignored activates the same areas of the brain as physical pain. Therefore, it cannot be said that “punitive language” or children’s disregard for any purpose other than punishment is better than beating. This method of treating a child is always harmful – even without crowds of strangers in the house, without cameras and without provoking the child. And what about the TV show set! – The author of the book growls. The woman points out that although this format was intended to persuade the Poles to educate without violence, it was very harmful:

(…]This program – as claimed by its creators, including the title role – was supposed to change cultural patterns (for example to combat violence against children), but in practice it reflects and perpetuates them. The child at the bottom of this hierarchical structure, needs To tame it, break it. Adults sometimes interpret a child’s desire to express his opinion as rebellious and hysteria, and in the case of older children it is treated, for example ADHD or even oppositional defiant disorder – Explains and hits Zwadzka herself:

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(…) And here we return to the hierarchy of our culture. People treat the TV expert as an authority. We also live in celebrity culture, so the fact that someone is on TV…

He arrives in an expensive car and watches his family on a branded laptop – like Supernnia Golus interrupts the axes.

It is she who gives her the strength to which her parents are subject, even if they are suffering. Because that’s how the government works. The authorities rot them and they agree to rot their children, because television is in the higher hierarchy Anna follows and reveals behind the scenes what the recording of the program looked like:

However, there were episodes where adults wanted to quit but couldn’t stop the recordings. For example, Victoria’s parents wanted to do this, but they did not have money for a contractual fine. Because these people have signed the confidentiality clause, they are not allowed to talk about or opt out of these programs.

During the interview, the woman also conveyed the words of 9-year-old Oscar, which she tried to tame in one of the episodes of Dorota:

(…) When Zawadzka said to the camera clerk, and not to him, “I can’t fit in my head,” Oscar said to her, “Well, maybe broaden your head.” It was great! – He remembers. During all these years of working on the topic of violence against children, I was just trying to get my head up, Because I can not imagine how to do it. And although I already know, I understand a lot, I still can’t understand it.

Superninia herself decided to take the floor.

Regarding the article that appeared on the web yesterday, which many/many of you are asking me about, I will answer that of course I will reply to – Starts in a Facebook post and explains the delay:

However, I am waiting for a book from the publishing house, so as not to comment only on the interview with the author – he writes, adding at the end that … Receives punishable threats:

Approaches and methods change from year to year. In my time, the rule was to hit and shout, what Zwadzka did was a kind of transition between what was once and what is now. The most important thing is that it goes on forever, and the awareness of parents is growing.

Her son was accused of beating and attempted rape. Go down in prison – “You will know them by their fruits.”

She dealt horribly with children on her show and showed hopeless and short-lived methods and taught to think plural without thinking. Poor kids from the show 2004-2009. Humiliation and humiliation families in front of the whole country.

And Mrs. Dorota herself had big problems raising her son 😏

It’s best to let the kids do whatever, “stress-free education”, without limits. Where does this world go?

Recent Comments (34)

Oh, the people who condemned child psychological abuse were angry and wished to die from supernatural or metastatic cancer. I think I prefer superniania, this show has been on TV for years and these methods were very popular, and still are in some environments. So judging it now for what it was x years ago is pointless.

Such people take contact

Show me what c…

4 minutes ago

I would love to see the writer of this critique in action, i.e. teaching good behavior.

I have a feeling someone in Zawadzka is trying to escape. Specifically, a woman who wrote a book or PhD thesis about the program that Zwadzka participated in and then uploaded links to her interviews all over the web. A wise psychologist will take the matter differently, so as not to promote myself at the expense of anyone. You can write extensively about upbringing, child humiliation, and ways of upbringing, without using well-known names.

Well, the above things are not “punishable threats”! So why łg @ ć??

The program was awful, kids were horrible treatment, for me it was also amazing to see a little kid in the bathtub stripped of any sense of dignity thank you, like a psychologist, with so much pressure on the glass. They should sue her for that, because it was just bullying.

Children’s problems are the problems of the whole family. The “break” of the child, which usually occurs on the program, was painful for both parties, but Ms. Zwadzka was the winner. The family did not heal, but the show had an audience! Just like “kitchen revolutions”, more restaurants follow!

Zawadzka Let’s stick to the friend.

We are talking about the “expert” of television. There are many such ignorant gentlemen. We’re talking about a mother teaching others about young children, and her adult son (something wrong with parenting) went to sit down. Let’s not talk about it, because there is nothing to talk about. Rosinick is the expert herself (she pretends to be lonely and looks every day like her “men” will go to the palace on the first day) and she’s in groups. in every subject. Let’s talk about TV that kills gray cells. Stop watching those stupid shows, they will stop producing such “experts” in the factory.

Something like that only in the Polish open-air museum.

It’s hard to be a parent these days when we’re bombarded from all sides with recommendations about what’s and isn’t allowed for children. In the past, mothers relied more on their intuition, and now there is often no place for that because there are still new research findings. And the results are only bad, because more and more mental problems are occurring among teenagers and even children.

Well, these methods were hopeless. But on the other hand, today’s methods also do not appeal to me, I have tried to convince myself, but it is mainly disingenuous about speaking and respecting the opinion of the child, which in practice looks like you are bluffing the child and the child does what he wants 🤷‍♀️

Nowadays, just stress-free upbringing, you let your child do it all, you won’t scream because if you don’t, you won’t slap because it’s ridiculous, and translation doesn’t give the child anything they want. You’re in the store, you take it all because he wants, you go somewhere you do everything because he wants it and your parents allow it. With age, stress-free upbringing leads to many problems, the child does not listen, does what he wants, everything he wants. Then handling time the kid wants a quad bike, a laptop and whatever you can’t buy.. I’m 27 I know how it was, my parents didn’t beat me but I worked a lot since I was young, they taught me everything, I can Handle everything. I got the belt once and since then I learned to obey, it worked, thanks to that I know I can get by in life. I know how I raised an old man without pressure, no screaming, now 0 obedience. Get slapped once and learn and listen. And I see beloved, beloved children, etc., who can do absolutely nothing but follow father and mother when they do everything for them. Unfortunately, that’s right, the wave of hate is about to spill out

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