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Julia Kameska before “BrzydUla” looked completely different. This transformation is impressive

Julia Kameska before "BrzydUla" looked completely different.  This transformation is impressive

  • Julia Kameska’s first role was an episode in the youth series “Magic Tree”.
  • She gained fame playing the role of Ola in the series “The Ugly”, which opened the way for the career of an actress.
  • Julia Kameska decided to participate in the “CKM” session, but she donated the entire fee for the treatment of the sick girl.
  • In 2022, the actress sat on the jury of the program “Mask singer”
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Julia Kameska She does not have to properly prove that she is not an actress for one role. Although the character of Ula Cieplak from the series is undeniable”ugly“I brought her the greatest appreciation, he started his way to show business much earlier. However, her participation in the series paved the way for her projects and projects that she had always wanted to implement.

Today, Julia Kameska is successfully developing her career in the show business. She is not only an actress but also a screenwriter, and releases her own music, which is also a dubbed voiceover. For the actress’s 35th birthday, we looked at her career and how it has changed over the years.

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Julia Kameska is 35 years old. See how it has changed on the screen

Julia Kameska is 35 years old. How did you change?
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