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Julia Wieniawa KPI of Paulina Koziejowska Councils, confessing: “I hope they praise me, because her opinion is very important to me” (video)

Julia Wieniawa KPI of Paulina Koziejowska Councils, confessing: “I hope they praise me, because her opinion is very important to me” (video)

Paulina Kozygoska Some time ago, she revealed herself to Julia Winyawa, after she publicly criticized the actress’ seductive performance at an industry event. Beloved Maciej Orłoś Julka reminded that despite her desire to avoid naming a celebrity, she still shines in provocative outfits in front of the photojournalists. According to Polina, such situations mean that Wieniawa will not be taken seriously.

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Wieniawa did not indifferently pass on the comment of a “nice” friend and announced in an interview with Pudelek that she would enter into a discussion with the journalist.

I would be happy to talk to Paulina when she comes to kiss my ass again at this event, as she has every time for so many years, and then hates me on the internet.

After Wieniawa’s confession, Paulina began to demand an apology from the actress. Now, the feuding celebrities have had the opportunity to confront each other and clear up some issues, as they both appeared at the Glamor Woman of the Year 2022 party.

Wieniawa admitted in an interview with us that she received Koziejowska forcefully, but did not want to continue the conversation with her.

I already said hello. I immediately said “Good morning!” I admitted with a smile.

did you chat – asked Misha Dzidzic, Pudelka’s reporter.

No, you don’t need to talk to her Briefly summarized Julia.

Everything is veiled today. Maybe Paulina will compliment my clothes. I hope, because I hope very much that she will simply praise me, because her opinion is very important to me – sarcastically admitted.

Watch our conversation!

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How do you insult liquor? Just give her the microphone… 🥴

Julia, if you have a small class, you won’t get caught up in it, well, you both deserve each other

Childhood massacre

One is smarter than the other

Koziejowska certainly doesn’t impress with her clothes. I don’t care what someone thinks of someone who doesn’t care about fashion and doesn’t know fashion

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Hehe, criticism from Paulina worked, there are no longer that panties almost on top – as can be seen in the attached photo. JW in a decent and elegant way; finally. “Decent” in the sense of some kind of clothing, not so-called grandmother’s suits, 50 years ago.

They deserve each other, who cares?

Well, it seems her opinion matters to Wiesniawa, because she still thinks about and talks about her

He’s not messing with Jalka! Why did Paulina do this?

Koziejowska wanted to stand out in this drama, so she started herself. Why was she bothering Julie? It is known that they wrote about it

If he doesn’t care, why is he extracting the topic?

Desperate Winiawa.

Wenya, you are a cliché. very. Wondering who and what gets you promoted?

These are the words of a person of about 24 years old. lower hands…

Mrs. Julia is much younger and prettier than Mrs. Paulina. Ms. Paulina is known to criticize Julie because I feel inferior.

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