July 28, 2021

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Julia Winyawa appeared topless on Insta.  She had a good reason

Julia Winyawa appeared topless on Insta. She had a good reason

Julia Winyawa At the end of 2020, she fell victim to “physical shame” on Instagram. This phenomenon, unfortunately, affects a large number Women, haters’ favorite field is celebrity photos صور (and not only) on social media.

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Then Julia Winyawa recorded a video of her dancing on a remix of Rihanna’s song. Unfortunately, among the commentators were people criticizing her character.

“But DEEEEEEESKA and what we are proud of here” – It was one of the comments below Julia’s video. It was not only the actress who responded to these words, But also her fans. This situation made Julia Winyawa understand the scale of the problem with the Internet mocking the appearance of the female body. Previously, it was often believed that the victims of such attacks were overweight or obese, but, as the example of Julia Winyawa shows, haters can choose anyone who does not fit into the style they consider to be the canon of beauty. From the moment I fell victim to the same hate, 22-year-old He often tries to convince his fans of the importance of self-acceptance and the “body positive” movement..

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Julia Winyawa appeared topless on Instagram. It indicated an important problem

Julia Winiawa has proven many times to be a very brave woman. Now the topless star is on Instagram. Partner Nicodim Ruzbecki did not fail to mention the acceptance of his body.

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I love your body. body positivityWieniawa wrote on Instagram with a hot photo taken during the holidays in Mykonos.

Fortunately, Julia Winyawa isn’t the only woman who has the guts to show her body and talk about problems with what’s called body shaming.

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