July 28, 2021

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Julia Winyawa on the relationship with Nicodim Ruzbecki: "I like to prevent him sometimes"

Julia Winyawa on the relationship with Nicodim Ruzbecki: “I like to prevent him sometimes”

Polish show business appears to be slowly returning to normal after the coronavirus pandemic. The season of industry events is in full swing, and celebrities eager to flash a glow of passion are seizing every opportunity to shine on the wall. Friday evening in the lodge took place Hasztagi Rokko Concertwhich attracted strong representation of Polish celebrities. At the party, there was, among other things, Małgorzata Rozenek, Blanka Lipińska, and Joanna Przetakiewicz.

Among the invitees was also one of the busiest Polish celebrities, Julia Winyawa. After a short vacation w Dzbads on the Narrow River The 22-year-old went to the wall in a brisk stride to present the photojournalists with a satin creation. During the event, Julka also found a moment to interview Pomponik. It was one of the topics of conversation The love life of Luniawa. The star was asked how she remembers the times when she was still single. Julia did not hide that she needed some time to think before opening up to a new relationship.

It was so good to be single. I also needed this time to calm down a bit, Figured out a bit what I really wanted and when I was ready, I started another relationship. But it wasn’t too bad with Nicodemus, it took some time – She betrayed.

Julia also revealed her relationship with her Nicodim Rosbecki. When asked if they impose certain restrictions on themselves with loved ones, or remain open, the celebrity quickly went to the explanations.


However, Winyawa stressed that they and Nicodemus give each other a lot of freedom.

The great strength of our relationship is that we give each other a lot of room to develop, for our many friends… Although we also have a lot in common, we spend most of our free time together. But Nicodim has his time, career affairs, he is finishing his studies, he will write a master’s degree now etc. And there’s no option to “blink” it somewhere – I confessed.

Although I think That I’m a little cheeky, I like to blink there sometimes, But I try to give it space, and it also gives me space for my passion and my career. He respects and understands her. This is the most important thing. You can’t lock yourself in a cage – She said.


Julia also admitted that she does not need to explain her actions to her partner.

I don’t have to, but I want to. I don’t know, we’re honest with each other – She added.

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