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June pensions. The House of Representatives made changes to the law

June pensions.  The House of Representatives made changes to the law

The regulation solves the problem of the so-called June pensions by determining the pension as in May, if it is more suitable for the insured. So far, due to the lack of a quarterly indicator, the benefits that June retirees receive have been lower.

short story It also provides for the possibility of applying for a disability pension if the disability arose during the periods of receiving care benefits for which there was no obligation to pay insurance premiums, or no later than 18 months after the end of these periods.

At the moment, the possibility of applying for a disability pension is closely related to the need to pay contributions, 18 months from the end of this period.

See also: They voted against the dismissal of Ryszard Terlicki. Translated by Magdalena Srocca, spokeswoman for the Covenant

The approved changes also provide for new rules for calculating periods of inability to work for a single entitlement period. It will include both periods of continuous incapacity for work as well as periods of incapacity for work that occurred before or after the rest period, if the rest period is not more than 60 days and if the incapacity did not occur during pregnancy.

During the committee meeting, Stanisław Zuid, Deputy Minister for the Family, explained that the purpose of this change was to tighten the system. The amendment is also intended to introduce the commitment to create an electronic service platform by all subscription payers as of January 1, 2023.

The possibility of canceling, postponing or granting exemptions in the payment of civil law obligations will be provided by the Social Insurance Institution. Under the new regulations, ZUS will have access to the electronic central register of work permits for foreigners.


At the same time, Simm rejected the amendments proposed by the opposition. They assumed, inter alia, the possibility of transferring June pensions according to the new rules for those who received the right to an old-age pension in June 2009 to 2019.




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