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Jury finds former police officer Derek Chouv guilty in George Floyd’s death | The world

Find out more at the end of George Floyd’s death report.

The first arbitration meeting was held on Monday (19) to discuss the case and reach a consensus. Prior to this, the testimony of witnesses, defense and prosecution. Of Suv He refused to testify in court.

The former police officer was found guilty of all Three murders against former black security guard:

  1. Can cause accidental death, by a dangerous act, regardless of human life
  2. Negligence in taking the dangerous risk of causing Floyd’s death
  3. Homicide

The sentence will be announced by a judge in two more months – In the United States, after a few days the offender knows how much time he will spend in prison. As soon as the sentence is announced, He left the courtroom in Sue’s handcuffs.

Former police officer Derek Suev has been handcuffed following the conviction of an arbitrator in the 2020 death of former black security guard George Floyd in Minneapolis, April 20, 2021 Photo – Photo: TV Court / Pool / AB

Former police officer Derek Zhou has been arrested after an arbitrator was convicted in the April 20, 2021 death of former black security guard George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Biden calls the Floyd family

Following Tuesday’s ruling, the president Joe Biden And his deputy, Kamala Harris, Called the family of Floyd (See more in the video below). In the call, the Democrats promised to enact laws to control police violence and racism.

“There’s nothing we can do better, but at least we’ve been able to get a little justice,” Biden said in the call, according to Floyd’s family lawyer Ben Crump.

Later, Biden issued a statement in which he classified the ex-guard’s sentence as “forward-looking”, but said such a verdict was very rare in a country plagued by formal racism.

“It could be a giant step in the march towards justice in the United States,” the president said.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris invite George Floyd’s family

Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith EllisonHe praised the decision of the arbitral tribunal. Although the sentence does not correct Floyd’s death, the trial begins on the “path to justice”.

“This is the acceptance of responsibility, this is the path to justice. George Floyd is important, he was loved by his family. But that’s why he is not important: he is important because he is a man,” he said.

People gather in George Floyd Square in Minneapolis, USA to hear the verdict of the trial of Derek Zhou, who died on April 20, 2021 – Photo: Octavio Jones / Reuters

A crowd gathered in the city of Minneapolis George Floyd SquareNear the place where the former security guard died.

Floyd’s girlfriend, Courtney Rose, said shortly before the sentence was announced that Suu Kyi’s sentence would be the beginning of a larger movement.

Speaking to reporters in the square, Rose said, “Perhaps we are the center of change.

Courtney Rose, girlfriend of George Floyd (right), in a photo on April 20, 2021 in Minneapolis (USA) – Photo: Reuters

The arbitrator consists of six white and six black or multi-ethnic members. The 45-year-old Sue responded to three different murder charges.

The judges had to determine whether the maneuver used against Floyd was a “significant factor” leading to the death of the black man and whether the use of force was proportional.

At the end of the case, attorney Jerry Blackwell asked the jurors to convict the former police officer, recalling that the violence used in the case was obvious. 9-year-old Floyd is photographed asking Suu Kyi to remove her knee from above her neck.

“It’s so simple: ‘Let it go.’ Even a child can understand that, “he said.

Policeman George Floyd shot in the neck with his knee – Photo: AFP / Facebook / Tornella Frasier

In turn, Suu Kyi’s attorney, Eric Nelson, said the officer acted in accordance with police procedures and that Floyd had heart problems – the same security guard throughout the case.

The final extension of Suu Kyi’s trial came at a very tense time in the United States Resumption of struggles against racism and police violence After new episodes of black civilians dying in the operations of the security forces.

Near Floyd’s death site, Dont Wright, More black, He was shot by a police officer during an approach, Which raised new revelations.

Tribute to George Floyd seen in Minneapolis, USA on April 1 – Photo: Stephen Maturity / Getty Images North America / Getty Images via AFP

George Floyd Died May 2020 After laying The neck was pressed by the knee of police officer Derek Chou, Minneapolis, 9 minutes 29 seconds.

Police were at the scene when a 46-year-old former black security guard allegedly tried to pay a bill with a fake $ 20 bill at a grocery store. The pictures shown showed that Floyd had no objection to the agents’ approach. .

Police violence against a poor, black man – another case in point – sparked a series of protests in Minneapolis It soon spread to various parts of the United States.

For weeks, the streets of major American cities were filled with anti-racist protesters, a Mobilization across borders to other countries.

Theme entered 2020 Presidential Election Agenda. The then Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, Elected senator Kamala Harris, One Black woman and former lawyer, As Vice Presidential Candidate. Tickets beat then-President Donald Trump and he was elected for a term beginning in January.

Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States and later White House candidate, attends George Floyd’s funeral in Houston, USA in June 2020 via video – Photo: David J. Philip, Pool / AB Photo

Four policemen were arrested for taking part in the operation, which ended in death, But the anticipation came precisely from Suu Kyi’s interrogation, who was caught with a knee in Floyd’s neck. The rest are due to appear in court in August.

Throughout Suu Kyi’s defense process, she tried to argue that Floyd had died as a result of drug use and that the maneuver used was subject to Minneapolis police standards. However, The version was rejected by clinical trials How much Police chiefs and uncrowned witnesses.

Death Protections of George Floyd

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