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Just on the box: We know how the romance between Maffashion and Mateusz began! Sebastian was supposed to be there…

Just on the box: We know how the romance between Maffashion and Mateusz began!  Sebastian was supposed to be there...

Since more than a month mafashion And the Sebastian Fabijanski They found themselves on the lips of all Poland. Thank you so much for admitting that he is blackmail by a transgender celebrity – Ravalala. A few months ago, when it became known that the actor had met with a notorious scandal, Fabijansky explained it as a “joint art project”, which, of course, turned out to be untrue.

And as if that wasn’t enough, it soon became clear that Mavachon wasn’t indebted to her traitorous lover either. Pudelek was able to establish that Julia Kuczyńska has engaged in a new relationship with Mysterious MatthewsWho is the aspiring rapper and camera operator.

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How Pudelek, Maffashion and Mateusz found out about it They met during their trip to FranceRecordings for the new season of the program continued. Ford Boyard. At first, Julia was supposed to take part in a reality show with Sebastian Fabigansky, but at the last moment the actor … abandoned this idea.

At first Maffashion was supposed to go to “Fort Boyard” with Sebastian Fabijański, but eventually withdrew. He was on the first list at the time However, he stated that he had other obligations. On this trip, Maf met photographer Matthews, with whom she had an affair. Interestingly, she broke up with Sebastian exactly after returning from “Fort”. – The detective tells us.

As we were able to specify, we will see in the new version of the show, among others mafashionAnd the Maciej Musiał And the Tymon Tymański. The program will premiere in the fall on ViaPlay.

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So Mavka after childbirth was not too dry and cold, or at least not for everyone 😀

This new detective is a mental child. massacre. But it is in bad taste for men. I think she’s still a teenager?


46 minutes ago

I remember that she was desperately looking for a peasant before his appearance and was ready to break up Wardjoy’s relationship with his girlfriend. Szafiareczka has no scruples

A whole torrent of events including Bastek, Bravo adults

Dear celebs, did you think for a moment that your kids and their boyfriends and girlfriends would someday read about your scandals, love affairs, and delusions???? Do you think it will be an essential building block in their lives?

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And Mav, who is still poor, deserted, sleepy, does not comment on anything. By pretending to be the victim, she thinks people will forget that she is responsible for everyone

All this company mafa …., …, … Shawnee. As it turns out. Not worth spitting.

This Fabijansky has madness in his eyes…

That is why she was sitting quietly on this whole issue, because she herself had a bad conscience and wanted Seba to plow, and it turned out that she was a long-suffering mother.

You already know why she doesn’t want to be with Sebastian

So MAF is not as sacred as you put it up. She pushed Sebek away because she was thinking of someone else

The wrong people make jobs, the wrong people make fortunes. But this is how Soros Global Village and the global capitalist bank’s idea of ​​the world order operates. Give money to mid-level people so that most people will recognize it. No one will fight for the minority. This is why culture and high standards in the world of the 1950s are becoming less and less important. Exactly since the new father.

Maff is already on vacation with a new type? What is this world of celebrities? note. The embarrassment of this alcohol ad on Insta. Wstyyyd 👎🏻

Ravalala is pregnant with Sebek

And those other Cybex commitments were Falala???

Do you really believe it? Pudelek probably made it up, as he always does and then he has to apologize to people and announce his apology on the site.

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