July 27, 2021

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Justyna Żyła "does not waste his free time" and feedback on the comment about Marcelina Ziętek

Justyna Żyła “does not waste his free time” and feedback on the comment about Marcelina Ziętek

Justyna yła Behind him is a painful separation Piotr Żyła, From which a media “TV series” was made. Although more than three years have passed, Justyna still has a hard time accepting the fact that Altaïr has died and has a new partner. Marcelina Zetek Don’t make it easy for her anyway.

Fans recommend JustinaDon’t worry and start living her life. Perhaps the 34-year-old decided to listen to them. A few days ago, she announced that He will help the cake shopWhere her mother has been working for more than 30 years.

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Now, in turn, celebrities have bragged that she was involved in it A proven photo session and a new project is being prepared. He has time for this, because Peter was taking care of the children.

The children went on vacation with their fatherSo I don’t waste my free time to be able to do the last button ‘Something’ I’ll be able to proudly present to you in a moment Justina wrote enthusiastically.


In the comments, netizens praise Żya for her proactive stance and say they keep their fingers crossed for her. Someone also mentioned Marceline…

Marzipan closes as soon as you type something – Says a fan politely.

Justyna commented on this entry with one, but eloquent “Laughter to tears.”

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