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KAI: A kindergarten teacher in the US was fired after refusing to teach children about LGBT.

Przedszkole należy do wspierającej LGBT firmy „Bright Horizons” (fot. Shutterstock/wee dezign)

Thomas More, the American Catholic Association, came to the defense of California kindergarten teacher Nella Barichenkova, who, she said, was guided by her Christian faith and did not want to read LGBT books to 5-year-olds. She was fired by Bright Horizons, a kindergarten in Studio City, a suburb of Los Angeles.

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A woman who worked there for four years unexpectedly ordered children to read 12 books, five of which spread sexist ideology, according to the Catholic Information Agency. When she objected, she got a sharp reply, “Because she doesn’t want to respect diversity. [ludzi]There is no more room for her”, after which she was given 15 minutes to gather her belongings and was forcibly taken to the street, we read.

C.The event was publicized by the American media, among others. CBN News, Fox-News and The Washington Post and Catholic education and parenting websites. As a result, the Catholic Association sued Thomas More. His representative, lawyer Paul Jonah, called it an “exceptional form of religious discrimination”. He pointed out that when the preschool committee found out about the kindergarten teacher’s religious beliefs, he used all his powers to intimidate her and ultimately fire her.

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Jonah argued, “Mrs. Barychenkova did not exhibit any negative behavior regarding homosexuality. He didn’t want to participate in this kind of propaganda that was against his religious beliefs, so he was fired and we decided to take it to court.

AndOperating since 1976, the company “Bright Horizons” is international and employs about 26 thousand people. People. As of 2018, it openly supports LGBT ideology, and its employees participate in equality marches and similar events.

from On the other hand, in 1997 the Thomas More Society, headquartered in Chicago, was recognized as a “Catholic Society” by the American Conference of Catholic Bishops. It is, in fact, a law firm involved in litigation in America’s so-called “culture wars,” mostly about abortion and gender ideology.

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