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Kaminski “Conflict with the United States”: Let’s see what happens in September

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– We must proceed with the bill, and we have doubts as to whether it has been passed legally – said Senate Deputy Speaker Mike Kamiski when asked what the Senate would do with the Senate media bill.

“The Senate will reject the bill outright,” he insisted. When asked about the amendment the PiS would like to submit during the debates, he replied that it was “the dream of the opposition”. – Marek Suzuki, Tomarozi Machiavelli of Radoma wanted to lead the opposition in an inefficient way – commented on the idea of ​​proposing an amendment.

Video: Mike Kamiski on possible US sanctions against Poland: The first such situation in 30 years

The amendment that PiS wants to submit to the Senate is about the broadcast system. Marek Suzuki, during a Sejm film on Wednesday, said, “A correction to Art. .

The Senate will handle the bill

– You have to fight to the end – Kaminsky stressed, recalling that the PiS had a problem with the SEZ in gathering a majority to support the bill. If the bill is rejected by the Senate, it will need the support of the SEZ with an absolute majority. When asked about the length of time the Senate deals with media law, he replied: “I do not know how long it will last.

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The amendment to the Broadcasting Act, adopted Wednesday, could now be obtained by a company that is a member of the European Economic Area (EU plus Norway, Iceland), a radio and television broadcasting license handled by the Senate. And Liechtenstein), provided that it does not depend on a foreign person outside the EEA. According to the opposition, it is targeting the TVN group, whose partner is American Discovery Concern.

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Conflict with the United States?

Kaminski recalled that the US administration had also criticized the media law. “For the first time in 30 years, we are seriously considering the United States considering sanctions on Poland,” he said. Asked if we were in danger of a confrontation with the United States, he replied: “Let’s see what happens in September.”

– Today Poland is being criticized by both US parties – Kamiski stressed. He added that “criticism against a coalition government has not taken place in 30 years” from both Republicans and Democrats at the same time.

Govin out of state

– Today Jarosko is facing decisions on whether or not to be Gov. Permanently in opposition – Kamisky said. When asked if he could see Jaroslav Kovin in the Polish coalition, he said, “I will see if he makes a decision and I will be among the people who want to create an alternative to the PiS government.”

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He proved that he could tap into the bad ideas of the United Right – said Mikey Kamiski, the head of the agreement. He also acknowledged that PSL leader Vadisov Kozinak-Kamis had “good partnerships with Govinda”. He added that the leader of the PSL “can talk to people from different groups in the political arena.”

He also noted that the most sensible comments coming from the United States recently came from the people of Goa.

“He apologized to Cookies”

If Powell Cookies were not on the PSL-Polish alliance list, PIS would still have 35 seats, Kamiski insisted. He added that this would determine the balance of other forces.

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Kamiski noted, “BSL vice-president Pave Kukis apologized in a special statement, saying he was on the list.” “I think this announcement is very serious,” he added.

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– Today he goes to Cookies – in a way he deserves it – he pours buckets, but I think we need to talk to him – said Kamiski. – I do not support rudeness in politics, but I understand the feelings of frustrated people – he said about the hatred for Powell Cookies after the vote on the media law. He described Paves Kukis as “going a long way” and “taking part in the attack on freedom with the PiS.”

“Cookies, like everyone else, have a chance to improve,” he said succinctly.

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