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Kansas, Andover. USA – Hurricane Series. More than a hundred buildings were damaged [NAGRANIE]

Kansas, Andover.  USA - Hurricane Series.  More than a hundred buildings were damaged [NAGRANIE]

The hurricane made landfall in Kansas and Nebraska on Friday night. Preliminary estimates put the damage at 50 to 100 buildings in Andover. At its peak, more than 20,000 homes and buildings were without electricity. Many were injured. I could not believe it, it did not seem real. The hurricane was going straight towards us – described one of the residents.

In Sedwick County, Kansas, a massive hurricane formed near the town of Wisita, and then reached Butler’s Andover, according to fire chief Chad Russell. The element damaged 50 to 100 buildings, which are preliminary estimates. Mayor Brandon Whipple said shelter had been prepared for the victims.

One of the Andover residents captured a large swirling wind. It shows a funnel moving behind the buildings. As the author of the post said – he shared on social media – a hurricane “passed over our house”. Many in the film shouted “God!” They hear a loud voice.

A hurricane in Andover, KansasReuters / Twitter @ achristine116

Fire Department: Many buildings were severely damaged and some were completely damaged

– More than 950 buildings were on the way to the hurricane – said the fire chief. “Many buildings in Andover have been badly damaged, some completely destroyed,” he said. After the hurricane passed through the city, cars were also overturned and crushed. Although the devastation after the organ had passed was huge, authorities said only a few people were injured Saturday morning. No casualties were reported.

According to Russell, it took many years to rebuild the city. “Unfortunately, we have already passed it,” he said, referring to the damage caused by a hurricane with F-5 strength on the Fujita scale. It visited Andover on April 26, 1991. 17 were killed and 225 were injured. Reuters was reminded that the hurricane was one of 55 series that struck the central part of the United States at the time.

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Alina Atkins, a resident of Andover, told CNN that she took refuge in the basement of a neighbor’s house across the street when her home was hit by a hurricane.

“The hurricane came straight towards us”

“I can not believe it, it does not seem real,” said the 26-year-old. “We went out through the front door and the hurricane went straight towards us,” he added. The organ passed her house, but the electricity was cut off all around. At its peak, more than 20,000 homes and buildings in Kansas were powerless as a result of the element.

“The lights went out, and it felt like a vacuum was hanging over the house,” described another Andover woman, Monty Foss, quoted in the local Visita Eagle newspaper. “The windows started to shatter and something hit the house,” the hurricane declared. The woman lived near the gym and swimming pool building. Local media reported that the building was completely demolished.

Police said several major intersections were blocked due to debris and broken power lines. On Saturday morning, Andover 54 was still closed.

14 hurricanes in Kansas or Nebraska

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly declared a state of emergency Friday following reports of tornadoes. “Because we learned from past experience, we know we can’t wait for a storm to come,” Kelly said. – By taking the right steps much earlier, we can act faster – he added.

Fifteen hurricanes were reported Friday – 14 of them in Kansas or Nebraska, according to the U.S. Hurricane Center. There was a hurricane in Florida.

Main photo source: Reuters / Twitter @ achristine116

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