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Katarzina Shack in a bathing suit through her husband’s eyes. There is a shape. “Mrs. Solijuk, what a change!”

Katarzina Shack in a bathing suit through her husband's eyes.  There is a shape.  “Mrs. Solijuk, what a change!”

Catarzina And the Cesare Chakoi They have been married for nearly 40 years. Although they are united not only by their own lives, but also subscriber Occupation, they do not look tired of each other. On the contrary, the reports they publish on social media show that they are still a loving and harmonious marriage. At the beginning of August, the couple went on vacation together, and Katarzina Shack bragged about the photos that her husband had taken. Although Cesare Shack undoubtedly did his best to take a picture of his wife, that way Katherine character Żak definitely had to work alone.

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Cesare Shack about playing with his wife

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Katarzina Shack praised the look in a bathing suit

At the end of July, Katarzina received Shack on Instagram from Masuria, lying in a lounge chair. At the time, she informed fans that she was waiting for the sunny weather to jump in a bathing suit. The actress’s dream came true quickly, because she went abroad with her husband only two weeks later. Aks did not reveal where they went on vacation, but they spend their time sailing a boat and bathing in the absolutely blue water. Katarzina Shack finally managed to wear a bathing suit, in Supplement Very unusual – one piece one shoulder. despite an actress She chose not to do so bikinifans can not praise her character.

A beautiful personality! Keeping fit is a beautiful thing! Pure motivation.

You look great, but your outfit and personality are top notch.

Mrs. Solijuk, what a change! – We read in the comments.

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The comment on Solejukowa obviously refers to Katarzyna Żak’s role in the series “Farm”In it she played Maciej Solejuk’s inconspicuous wife – at least at first. I must admit that in such a version as in the photo from the holiday, the actress really delights.

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