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Katarzyna Cichopek announces the end of summer vacation with a family photo and officially announces: “ALREADY PLANNING NEXT” (PHOTO)

Katarzyna Cichopek announces the end of summer vacation with a family photo and officially announces: "ALREADY PLANNING NEXT" (PHOTO)

You have to admit it Katarzina Seechubek He has a lot to thank for Polish TV. Ever since the actress took on the role of anchor on “A Question for Breakfast,” star MJack Mitsu has made a comeback after several years of media absence. But over time, it turned out that the celebrity still lacked the necessary experience in front of the camera for the hosts, which she recently received for her. A reprimand from the breakfast box publisher.

Intense period of work will sting you I decided to recover at the other end of the world. The 39-year-old went to the Seychelles occupied by dignitaries, taking her husband with her, Marcin Hakeel and two children. On the site, the star carefully documented the celestial holiday via social media, and presented it to fans at the same time Rich assortment of swimwear.

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Unfortunately, that’s where all the good ends. After a few days of cheerful idleness in the conditions of picturesque nature, the star had to say goodbye to the island and fly to Dubai, where she was waiting for a flight to Warsaw. Summing up the exceptionally successful holiday, the Cichopek family shared a family photo from the beach, smiling from ear to ear, posing with the 13-year-old Adam and 8 years Helen. In the description accompanying the post, the TV presenter also boasted about it They already have another vacation planned.


He had a great vacation Cassia evaluation. We are already planning next. Where is it worth going? What do you recommend seeing? I’m not saying goodbye to Seychelles, I’m just saying goodbye.

Overwhelmed, a little tired, but happier.


Beautiful family, I always cheer you up. Good luck on your way.

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