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Katarzyna Cichopek extinguishes the fire caused by the publication of her romance novel. “Didn’t expect a wave of negative comments from Paulina”

Katarzyna Cichopek extinguishes the fire caused by the publication of her romance novel.  "Didn't expect a wave of negative comments from Paulina"

TVP instant action to make the guild public Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski Reacting to quick PR moves, they did not help Korzubki easily transition to the new reality. Although Kasia and Maciek’s employer praised their union, the network was filled with negative comments.

Oil was added to the fire by the clergy who spoke in the media and on the Internet, as well as by the Catholic media. Celebrities have been particularly exposed to her appearances about her religiosity, along with the delightful announcement that she was meeting another man after the divorce.

As reported in the weekly “Al-Alam wa al-Nas”, Katie She didn’t expect her honest declaration of affection to cause a flood of opinions and comments. The hostess of “Questions for Breakfast” also began to worry about the consequences for her children.

She wasn’t expecting that the public statement also sparked a flurry of negative comments, also from Maciej’s ex-wife, Paulina Smashekz. It wasn’t easy for her, but the kids were what worried her the most. Especially regarding a teenage son searching on the internet, he has an Instagram account – We read in the tabloid.

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Cassia talks, explains and repeats how much she loves them. Apparently, they’ve already met and liked Masage – Newspaper reports.

According to the newspaper, in difficult times, Cichopek can traditionally count on parents who support Kasia mentally and help her take care of their children.

They often take care of the grandchildren and talk to them – We read.

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These concerns soon after the fact

You could have worried about the kids before going to someone else’s word, which would be like shit with them. Madka

PiS at the bottom of the new Bravo poll

Maybe she thought before she cheated on her husband

Recent Comments (102)

This is a charming Polina who does not care at all about the well-being of children. It only hurts kids!!!

Bozena 1234 …

5 minutes ago

How much can you grind this topic. Let them live. Their marriage failed, they divorced and want to be together. Many celebrities have split up. Orłoś left his wife after 20 years, and he is already a second. Her children are also involved in this.. take care of others.. some of them divorced two or three times.

No one expected because they broke up a few years ago 🤷‍♀️

But are her parents proud of her hypocrisy, atheism and immorality?

Who for years has not lived in a marriage crisis and has not tried to save the relationship in different ways – will not understand. Yes, she could have left and just started a new relationship. Yes, betrayal is terrible. However, this public execution could end now. Because it turns out that poodles are all saints, without any dilemmas or marriage problems, without betrayal and quarrels. I am old and I know that life is not black and white. Not all situations are as they seem to us. I can’t believe she didn’t experience it, didn’t feel guilty, didn’t try to save her relationship. It is easy to judge. Sometimes a man does everything, even for years, talks, treats, invites his spouse on dates, but there is no improvement in the relationship. There is someone you care about at work. Sometimes it is enough to take care of him.

One taught her dances, what she promoted herself on, and the other taught her about breakfast, that’s how she makes a career 🙂

They should give up the vacancy in TVP and invest in their own business

Those who judge others are the worst and false people, who deserve nothing, and treat loved ones like strangers, without respect. How do you know what the truth is, and how empty you have to be in your head to believe every word taken from your finger. Remember, you disgusting people, everyone has one life and must live it their own way, and you are protected from someone else’s life! You are just as haunted as Smaszcz!!!

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Is she worried about the children or about the fact that they will discover their mother?

So silly is what to expect

what I say ?? Karma return?

Oh there, not the first and not the last, the noise will fade and another scandal will arise. This is how she works, but the most important thing is that she should arrange her own affairs with the children, what she did is already over, but let her do everything so as not to add more suffering.

Kasia may have acted dishonestly towards Hakiel, but sorry, Maciej was long after divorcing Paulina, so surprisingly he got involved with someone. :Around

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