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Katarzyna Cichopek shared a photo in a swimsuit with fans. Because it is not suitable for my mother?!

Katarzyna Cichopek shared a photo in a swimsuit with fans.  Because it is not suitable for my mother?!

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Katarzina Seechubek She is one of the stars of Polish show business who actively manages her profile on instagram. Currently, the actress’s account has more than 474 thousand followers. Watchers and Watchers with whom she regularly shares various photos, as well as videos from selected moments from her professional and private life. It is undeniable that Kasia Cichopek is a huge inspiration to the many fans who follow her, and women are eager to watch her not only the design, makeup or Hairstyles, but also tracing her life and travels.

Grażyna Wolszczak has a new hairstyle. Her hair is much shorter now!

Kasia Cichopek shared a photo with fans in a swimsuit. “Um, should she already be wearing winter sweaters?!”

Kasia Cichopek is currently in the Seychelles, where she went on her first vacation this year. I posted on Instagram a photo straight from the sandy beach, standing in front of the blue ocean background In tightly cut swimwear.

Eid postcard #raj #heaven #heaven #beautifulworld #myway #freedom #wolnosc #wakacje #holidays #familytime #happynewyear

– I wrote under the picture.

Małgorzata Rozenek-MajdanFans can’t believe it. “What kind of plastic surgery does the abdominal muscles do?”

Under the post, comments appeared from happy fans:

The picture is great, and the picture of the good girl is broken

Wow, you look amazing

body of gods

wow perfect number

damn it. I thought it was Nicole Scherzinger because she added it. But the fireworks character

However, pouring sweat in the gym makes sense

– We read.

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However, it turned out that not everyone liked such a framework:

Postcard from mother’s leave a little not really. Watching back…maybe for show

– One netizen commented.

Is she a mother, should she walk in the jackets that have been taken off so as not to injure others in the eyes?! Bomb for me!

It is better not to open your mouth more than once

Others wrote in defense of the actresses.

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