October 21, 2021

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Katarzyna Dubor revealed her daughter's bold plans.  "He follows in his father's footsteps"

Katarzyna Dubor revealed her daughter’s bold plans. “He follows in his father’s footsteps”

Katarzyna Dubor For many years it enjoyed untiring popularity. One of the most famous presenters started her career in the 80s and is now winning the hearts of viewers as the host of the show.”Our new homeOn Polsat. In the footsteps of the famous mother who followed, among others, Massej DubourgIt is the fruit of the relationship of journalist Piotr Dubor. Now the presenter admits it Her second child, MariaHer father is a famous journalist and editor-in-chief of the weekly “Polityka”, Jerzy Baczyński, He also plans to link his future to the media.

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Katarzina Dubor revealed her daughter’s future plans

Katarzyna Dubor revealed some time ago that her daughter Maria had returned to Poland from Great Britain during the pandemic. 22 years There she studied Psychology and Philosophy at the prestigious Durham University. At first, she tried to continue her distance studies, but after some time I decided to give up this trend and try something new. As Katarzyna Dubor said in an interview with the weekly “Na Żywo”:

The presenter of “Nas New Home” also admitted that her daughter He has an excellent journalism workshop and would like to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Italian journalist And the book Oriana Fallaci:

He is following in his father’s footsteps– Katarzyna Dowbor summed it up in an interview with “Na Żywo” weekly.

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