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Katarzyna Glinka did not leave a dry thread on her ex-husband. Which words?

Katarzyna Glinka did not leave a dry thread on her ex-husband.  Which words?

Katarzyna Glinka She received the recognition and sympathy of fans thanks to the role of Kasia Górka in the TVP2 series “Colors of Happiness”. The actress is also very active on social media. The star has more than 230,000 fans on his Instagram account alone. There she posts photos from vacations abroad, as well as photos showing her work or even her children.

The star has great communication with her fans, so when a malicious comment appeared under one of her entries, she decided to quickly respond to it. It was about an ex-partner and his new girlfriend.

Katarzyna Glinka She has mentioned more than once in interviews that breaking up is very difficult for her. Recently, a few weeks ago, the actress and Jarosław Bieniecki confirmed that they are no longer together. The athlete and the 45-year-old were engaged. Unfortunately, the wedding did not take place.

As if that wasn’t enough, the paparazzi caught your neighbor with a little blonde. The couple enjoyed wine in one of the expensive restaurants. Internet users decided to inform Kasia Glinka about this event. One of the “fans” of this type wrote a rather annoying comment under the photo of the actress. It didn’t take long for the 45-year-old to react.

Kasia, no hate, but this new Jarek is really nice. Most of all, she’s young and a sports pro, and you know Jarek has ADHD, so they met pretty well — one of the actress’ “fans” wrote.

Katarzyna Glinka added a photo without makeup to her Instagram account, which she submitted with a wide entry. In it, she explained that she enjoys being a full-time mother when she sees and hears her children. She also added that she feels good in the role.

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Sometimes I wonder if these people do it consciously, thereby improving their mood? Do they really want to sell me great information on a good note? Well dear Lord. Young people are certainly appreciated today. You don’t have to worry about anything, you can just take care of yourself, you don’t have a lot of responsibilities, you can have fun, go on dates, exercise and enjoy life. Not like the old mother. Two kids on board, working, cooking, sleeping, taking them to schools and kindergarten, something screams here, something hurts there. Sometimes in the newspapers I look with longing eyes at beautiful pictures of young women who go on dates with men who offer them pleasant evenings and fun. Also, really thank you for the info! It also seems to me that with such a young and sporting life it can be heaven. Then I go to wake up my sons – right after I move my legs – because something is wrong under my knee lately. Look at their beautiful smiling faces. I hear the first “Mom, I love you” song. Are you coming to pick me up from nursery school? What will we eat for breakfast? I will make mango plasticine for you. And I know I’m in the right place and I’m living exactly as I should. I hug you mom, no makeup, no filter – Kasia Glinka wrote in a fairly comprehensive post.

Katarzyna Glinka was the wife of Przemyslav Godun, with whom she has a son, Philip (born February 2, 2012). From 2019 to 2022, she was engaged to Jarosław Bieniecki, with whom she has a son, Leo (born May 5, 2020).

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