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Katarzyna Nosowska watched “Sylwestra Marzeñ” on TVP and was puzzled. Please don’t stop tearing me up

Katarzyna Nosowska watched "Sylwestra Marzeñ" on TVP and was puzzled.  Please don't stop tearing me up

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Katarzyna Nosowska On Instagram, she caused quite a stir a few years ago with a series of “Jame Tell Her…” videos, in which she satirically commented on the lives of influencers and the beauty rules being promoted on social media. Recently, the artist published less humorous recordings. Despite that, I decided to publish a video commenting on Silustra Marzi. TVP. It happened, according to “Wiadomości”, the whole world envied PolandNosowska got a little confused.

Watch the video
Katarzyna Nosowska in an unusual video on Instagram. Showed unpacked

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Katarzyna Nosowska comments on TVP for New Year’s Eve. “I have a lot of these surprises.”

Nosovska decided to comment on the performance of the Ukrainian singer Yulia Balya. On stage in Zakopane, the singer performed a hit song at the turn of the 80s and 90s – “Biełyje Rozzy”. At that time, you could see white bears dancing on the air.

Note that this is the song “Biełyje Rozzy” and there are white dolls in there. I do not understand – Nosowska said on Instagram.

Why do teddy bears dance to a song about roses? Nosowska admitted that TVP presented her with many such surprises. She called her husband for help. One of the explanations was practical, the other related to international relations.

Perhaps because it is difficult for white roses to dance. Perhaps because Poland is the country of white bears, and we in Poland cannot talk about ourselves like that, so we say that Russia is the country of white bears, Bawech says.

Nosowska jokes about the absurdity that appears on the screen:

And this is the New Year’s Eve that you bought for us and we bought it for you.

Katarzyna Nosowska’s fans concluded in the comments that she should comment on the whole New Year’s Eve.

Please don’t stop making me laugh to tears, Cassia!

There were teddy bears, and there were highlanders with flags, and there were ladies with guitars, and ladies in white boots. I’m waiting for what happens next. I wait and do not believe.. – They wrote.

Have you seen “Selwester Marzie”?

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Katarzyna Nosowska, Gadzia PugNosowska reacts to her dog, Gadzia, on Agnieszka Kaczorowska’s post

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