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Katarzyna Wołejnio is back at the walls! He began to understand? (photo)

Katarzyna Wołejnio is back at the walls!  He began to understand?  (photo)

There was a time when Catarzina and Genio, the Polish “Hollywood wife”, conquered almost every wall of celebrity at any cost. It was also made easier by the fact that she ran with her Rinke RuinsBefore this creates a media relationship with a money-assertion lover, Joanna Brzetkevich. However, it must be admitted that Kasia Wołejnio was able to focus the attention of photojournalists in any situation: Katarzyna Wołejnio you haven’t seen for a long time drinking water in a flashlight (photos)

49-year-old Katarzyna Wołejnio also lives in the US on a daily basis, so it is difficult for her to visit the Polish walls on a regular basis. On Wednesday, however, she made an exception His friend ukasz Jemiołwho organized a show of the latest collection. The faithful Kasia came to the party and happily threw herself into the arms of the designer, making sure to be captured by the photojournalists.

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The “Hollywood Wife” opted for a short black dress with a round neck and asymmetrical hem that revealed her long, tanned legs. Wołejnio matched the dress with open-toed pumps and a baggy black purse. Her soft face caught the eye, as Cassia adorned it with a wide smile, extending her lips modelly. Hollywood cheeks almost covered her eyes…

See what Katarzyna Wołejnio looks like now. Is it the effect of the gym and good sex?

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Female cats age three, two, one loss!

She doesn’t have a smooth face

Maybe too much

Recent Comments (77)

Certainly too many fillers, as well as poorly placed …

She had such an interesting beauty! Beautiful, curvaceous, athletic body… She was a beautiful woman and it wasn’t long! Now… hmmm…… she needlessly has a botox injection. A face almost unrecognizable! It looks swollen with fillers and the eyes are narrowed and slanted… and why? I’m sure it would have looked better without it. I am not against aesthetic medicine but with reason and moderation.

This lady cares about beauty? What beauty Unfortunately, it looks horribly sad

Lady from more than one oven, I ate bread.

Come on, keep inventing the saw….🐷

The nightmare of what she did to herself, these women should be sent to a psychiatrist, and not to a plastic surgeon.

The condition of the skin on the legs is terrible (look at the knees), you can see that it is dehydrated. I’m afraid how I’ll look at her age.

One must grow old with dignity…

What happened to her cheeks?

Lots of money and it’s like the Grinch.. 🙁

who is this ? I see it for the first time.

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