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Katarzyna Zielińska did not break during the interview. “I cry every day”

Katarzyna Zielińska did not break during the interview.  "I cry every day"

Magda Moshek She was invited to her program “My Style”. Katarzyna ZelenskaWith whom did you talk about life? The conversation began with the actress’s last birthday, then moved on to plants and home furnishings. Mołek asked the star at one point what she hadn’t said in public before. Zielińska replied:

You can read the rest of the article below the video:

Katarzyna Zelenska cried during the interview. “I cry every day”

Tears erupted Katarzyna Zelenska at that moment and said in a broken voice:

Magda Mushak asked if the feelings were related to her mother’s death, and Katarzyna Zelenska nodded. She added:

This is for girls.. we are very afraid of crying.. screaming.. why?! They should all find space for it. (…) I have a space at home for this. I am often afraid or ashamed to talk about it. I do not know the reason. I also have dimples and a lot of heartaches. However, I do not know why I also have such a photo of such a strong “Zielina” who helps everyone ”- she added.

Magda Moushik responded to the artist’s confession with the following words:

In response, Katarzyna Zelenska admitted that at one time she decided that she no longer wanted to hide her feelings. She returns to the topic of her mother’s death and shares another personal confession, struggling to hold back her tears. She said:

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“I had to go home after that, just scream and start – like I said – banging on the internet and I found this picture. I look at this picture of me, of such a sad “Zielina” and think to myself: “Fart, why didn’t you set boundaries here?” But I was afraid. I was just afraid of those newspaper covers. I was so scared of it. And I said, “It’s over.” At this point, it will only change. I call it the fall of myself. I did not know what to do with myself ”- she concluded. At the end she said:

You can watch the entire conversation below (the above topic starts at minute 31):

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