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Katie Holmes laughing accepts her lover in Central Park, New York! (Pictures)

Katie Holmes laughing accepts her lover in Central Park, New York!  (Pictures)

Katy Holmes She was living a turbulent love life. The actress was a wife for 6 years Tom CruiseThe problematic break with Scientology resembled the plot of a Hollywood thriller. Later, he was a star partner Jamie Foxx, but after 6 years of their relationship, their ways parted and Holmes went back to dating and searching for great love. All indications are that she finally found her … The paparazzi photos taken a few days ago in New York are proof that Holmes lived in love.

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The actress was “caught” on a romantic outing with her Bobby Wooten. As reported by American newspapers, the couple first met in early 2020, after which their friendship began to turn into something more. Wooten is an actor and musician. He appeared, inter alia, in a documentary directed by Spike Lee American utopia. In addition, he plays bass in a musical Moulin Rouge On Broadway he played Coachella opposite Carly Rae Jepsen.

The 33-year-old musician makes his face 10 years older Holmes Show a wide smile. Recently, the couple walked in Central Park in New York, and later went to an exhibition at the famous Guggenheim Museum. The lovers also met the mother of the actress, Cathy.

The media circulated pictures of Katie and Bobby laughing. Happy Holmes kissed her lover and held him without embarrassment by the buttocks …

See photos of Holmes and Wooten, who clearly felt spring …

she is beautiful 🙂

Tom Cruise and John Travolta are gay. Scientologists are a sect. It’s a good thing it came out of that sewer. It certainly wasn’t easy.

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She’s beautiful, he’s so mean, but he makes her smile brightly. absolutely love…

Poodle where the flag of Poland!!!!!!

Sweet – they have the same shoes 🙂

It is only a matter of time and we will stop entering Pudelka or the other gates if the Ukrainian flag and pro-Ukrainian petroleum jelly do not disappear. We already have a gag reaction. This is a country called Poland and we expect you to respect our Polish readers.

Served by love, she looks like a teenager 💛🧡❤ Nice to look at.

Not with Jamie Foxx anymore, I didn’t even know.

A little bit like moomin, but cute

Nothing stimulates like a beautiful male buttock…honey

Pulp Fiction

18 minutes ago

Smiling Kaoka! finally !

My comment on the flag has been removed

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