October 21, 2021

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Kaufland.  Postal services in all stores.  This "allows you to work on non-business Sundays"

Kaufland. Postal services in all stores. This “allows you to work on non-business Sundays”

network Kaufland, belonging to the same capital group as Lidl, informs that due to the growing popularity of online commerce, it provides the possibility of using postal services in all branches.

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Kaufland offers postal services. In all stores

“In 2020, sales of online products in Poland increased by about 35 percent. Despite the opening of shopping centers, the Poles do not plan to reduce the frequency of shopping in this way. 74 percent of consumers say that even after the epidemic is over, they will keep it at the current level, And 10 percent intend to increase it. Thus, the postal services will enjoy increasing popularity. The demand for post offices, which are increasingly becoming grocery stores, will also increase,” the network explains in a press release.

– In the commercial market, we observe a tendency to launch this type of activity, which at the same time creates the possibility of selling on non-commercial Sundays. We carefully monitor competition and trends and do not close ourselves off to any solutions that meet our customers’ needs – explains Marcin Łojewski, Kaufland Polska Board Member.

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The provision of postal services allows trading on non-commercial Sundays

The network acknowledges that implementing postal services allows stores to also operate on non-commercial Sundays, regardless of port size. – This function can be performed by local shops as well as large discount stores or supermarkets – network representatives explain.

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However, Kaufland does not advertise that because postal services are introduced in all stores, it intends to operate on business Sundays.

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More and more stores in Poland are turning into post offices

Many retail chains use regulations that allow them to operate on non-commercial Sundays. These are ia Żabka, Stokrotka, Lewiatan, Intermarche, Topaz, Delikatesy Centrum, ABC, Prim. This group has recently been joined by the POLOmarket chain, which launches the “Paczka w Ruchu” service in some stores.