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Kazimierz Mazur is dead. Play, among other things in “Colors of Happiness”

W wieku 73 lat zmarł aktor Kazimierz Mazur. Grał w filmie i serialu "Noce i dnie", a także w "Barwach szczęścia". Informację o śmierci artysty przekazał w mediach społecznościowych jego syn.

Actor Kazimierz Mazur passed away at the age of 73. He played, among others, in the movie and series “Noce i dnie” as well as in “Colors of Happiness”. Information about the death of the artist was published by his son on social networking sites.

Kazimierz Mazur’s son provided information about the death on Instagram. Today, my greatest friend, dad, outstanding actor, dear man passed away. Kazimierz Mazur. We traveled nights and days together. Goodnight darling – We read the entry.

Kazimierz Mazur was born on December 2, 1948. In 1974 he graduated from the State Higher School of Theater in Warsaw. Best known for his role as Tomaszek Niechcic in the movie and series “Noce i dnie”. Mazur is known for many serial and movie roles, and was also a dubbing actor. He has also played in productions such as “Rose”, “Controlled Conversations”, “Revenge”. He was also known for the role of Tomasz Wiśniewski in the series “Colors of Happiness”.

She was the first wife of Casimir Mazur Empresario Beata Bogdanska-Mazor. Their son is Kazimierz Mazur, who is also an actor. The second wife was the composer Katarzyna Gärtner, with whom the artist lived in Komaszyce near Kielce.

was a local believer – Co-founder of the original Polish Church, registered in 1995Where he was a general officer, a member of the Syndicate Council, a secretary and a treasurer.

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