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KGHM presents a new strategy. Changes forced by the Corona virus and the environment

KGHM presents a new strategy.  Changes forced by the Corona virus and the environment

strategy From the KGHM Polska Miedź range to 2030 with a horizon of 2040 ” Approved by the company’s supervisory board – KGHM announced on Friday.

Objectives for the coming years

You can read in the document that One of the main goals of KGHM is to strengthen the group’s position as a global player in the mining and metals sector. This supports the local production of copper by about 600 thousand tons. Tons of electrolytic copper. The company also wants to obtain by processing external materials and Recycling. Is 2030 p. The company wants to subject this process to 350 thousand. Tons of scrap copper.

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The company’s goal will also be sustainable development. KGHM wants to achieve this by building its production capacity from low-emission sources.

W 2030 p. The company plans to produce enough power to meet at least half of its own needs. It also wants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electricity consumption by one million tons of carbon dioxide.


The copper company also plans to remain in the list of the three largest producers of silver in the world. The goal is to produce approximately 1,200 tons of silver annually.

Decarbonization and the coronavirus

The company’s previous strategy covered the years 2019-2023. A lot has changed since then: in front of the company There are new goals related to pandemic Corona virus and the need to implement the decarbonization process and commitment to climate protection. These are the aspects that the company should focus on.

KGHM also wants to focus on securing access to the raw material base for future copper production, but also to work on developing mining capabilities for minerals and other mineral resources.


Therefore, KGHM adds the fifth pillar to its strategic development directions. Energy comes to flexibility, efficiency, the environment and the electronic industry.




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