July 29, 2021

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Przedszkole w Łapach przejdzie metamorfozę. Będzie więcej miejsc

Kindergarten in therapy will undergo a transformation. There will be more places

Approximately 300 children will find a place in the expanded kindergarten in Łapy. The Podlaskie County Board of Directors allocated 3.6 million PLN of European funds for this measure.

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Kindergarten No. 2 will be expanded in Łapy. The facility will receive a new two-story building, an additional 70 places will be added to the kindergarten, and new additional activities for children will be organized.

– This project will translate into an improvement in the quality of pre-school education in Łapy municipality. The youngest residents of Podlaskie will have fun and learn in new and spacious rooms, take advantage of interesting and developing activities, which will certainly pay off in the future. In addition, access to preschool education in the field of therapy will increase significantly – Marshal Artur Kosicki emphasized.

After reconstruction, approximately 300 children will find care there. They will benefit from activities that increase educational opportunities and make up for any deficit. Children will also take part in foreign language and mathematics lessons and classes that form a creative and entrepreneurial position. Nine teachers will also raise their competencies.

This investment will amount to about PLN 5.2 million, and co-financing from European funds will amount to PLN 3.6 million. Kindergarten No. 2 is located in Łapy at ul. Cmentarna 23.

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