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King Charles III and “Sausage Fingers”. They mean disease? The British are worried

King Charles III and "Sausage Fingers".  They mean disease?  The British are worried

King Charles III It includes judging at an early age. Moreover, the 73-year-old son of Queen Elizabeth II managed to monopolize the title of the oldest monarch in the history of Great Britain to whom the crown fell. He waited 70 years for his chance, since the death of King George VI, the eldest son of Elizabeth II became heir to the throne Only three years.

The British hope that the new king will be at least the same age as his mother. Queen Elizabeth II lived 96 years, 70 of them on the British throne. During this time, she took an oath of allegiance to the monarchy from 15 prime ministers, and met the newest head of the British government two days before her death. During her reign, 14 presidents passed through the White House, and 7 popes sat on Peter’s throne.

Since yesterday when The Council of Accession officially announced that the eldest son of Elizabeth II is the next king In the United Kingdom, the well-being, condition, health and temper of Charles III were all under close scrutiny by the British.

What worries them most are the fingers of the new king. Concerned citizens are looking for information on the Internet on the Internet. And according to the British newspaper “Express”, the slogans “Prince Charles’ fingers” or “Sausage fingers” have been rising in the rankings for several days. It is often entered into search engines in the UK. The issue was also widely discussed on Twitter. And what is the opinion of the National Health Service, any British Health Service?

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It turns out that swollen fingers can be caused by various reasons. If it follows from The tendency of the body to accumulate fluid, usually resolves on its own, and this appears to be the case with King Charles. As the NHS reassures, medical advice is only necessary in this case if the swelling occurs or recedes asymmetrically, ie in only one hand, or if the skin at the site of the swelling is shiny, red, very stretchy or hot to the touch. Another cause for concern is the presence of edema with a high body temperature or if you have diabetes.

The worst of them is that the bloating is accompanied by shortness of breath, which may mean that There is a clot in the lung. Fortunately, in the case of King Charles III, such situations do not occur.

The new king did not have the hand of a pianist, as evidenced by photos from his youth. Probably heel-like toes, Swelling in certain situations will become his trademark, like his mother’s famous bag.

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